Polaris Windows Prices 2022

Polaris windows prices will run $400 to around $700 fulled installed. Get pricing and product info on the ValuSmart, ThermalWeld and UltraWeld window series. Polaris is generally considered a very good vinyl window manufacturer and their UltraWeld gets high marks from contractors and installers. Consumers can expect solid performance numbers at fair to mid range window costs and the Ohio based company has nice consistency in their manufacturing.

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Polaris ValuSmart Window

The ValuSmart is their entry level vinyl window that is a stripped down version of the ThermalWeld with nice clean lines and an optional tilt in sash option. The frame wall thickness is .070, which is a nice middle of the road thickness that lacks multiple chambers. Expect performance numbers as follows for a double hung with a low-e glass option .33 U-value and .06 AI. While not the best entry level window on the market, it’s not a bad option for budget shoppers.

» Comparable to the Simonton 5300 Window

Target Price – $375 to $425 installed

Polaris ThermalWeld Window

The ThermalWeld is their mid range vinyl window and generally considered a good vinyl window for the price. Definitely a step down in terms of strength and durability to the UltraWeld. The ThermalWeld is essentially identical to the ValuSmart, with some nice upgrades including a better sash reinforcement and glass package. These will reduce the U-factor to .29, AI to .04 and the SHGC to .28.

» Comparable to the Soft-Lite Bainbridge Window

Target Price – $475 to $525 installed

Polaris UltraWeld Window

The UltraWeld is their high end vinyl window and often gets thrown in the conversation as one of the top rated vinyl window options out there. The window itself is superior to the THermalWeld in its design and construction with stronger extrusion walls and multichambers in the wall. The window has an upgraded stainless steel spacer and glass pane fills that will deliver impressive numbers – .28 U-value and .03 AI. The window also offers an option interior composite wood veneer that does a good job resembling real wood species.

» Comparable to the Okna 800 Window

Target Price – $650 to $700 installed

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