How To Properly Care For Replacement Windows

Learning how to properly care for replacement windows should be an important step in maximizing your investment in home windows. Sure, you can always hire a professional to do it for you but learning the following 7 great tips should make it easy to properly care for replacement windows. The most important tasks include regular cleaning and maintenance, as welling fixing problems as soon as they occur.

“The key to properly care for replacement windows and doors is to do regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection for problems. A little effort a few times a year can keep them looking good for years to come, and prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.”

7 Great Tips To Properly Care For Replacement Windows

Clean The Glass
After a certain point, it gets hard to not clean the glass on your new windows. If you start to have a hard time seeing out your windows because a build up of dirt and grime, it is obvious that you should take the time to clean the windows. But many people will clean the glass while ignoring the frame around it. You should not skip cleaning the frames, but fortunately they are fairly easy to clean. Choose a gentle cleaner or soap that isn’t acidic or abrasive, and wash down the frame. You don’t want to use any harsh cleaning products or scrubbers that will scratch the finish.

Clean Them Twice A Year
Twice a year, clean all parts of the windows with a gentle soap and water. As with the window frame, never use any product that could possibly scratch the glass. You should be sure to thoroughly rinse the glass, and wipe it dry to ensure a streak free shine.

You should also clean the screens, which can also be cleaned with the same solution of soap and water. But if you need to, you can use a soft brush, as long as you clean it away from the glass of the window.

Even though you may not notice this during your day to day activities, it is important to vacuum the tracks of  to prevent a build up of dirt that could clog the hardware.

Check The Seals
Check the seals to make sure that they are still holding up and keeping the doors and windows as airtight as possible. But don’t stop there. You should also lubricate the tracks and rollers of the windows and other hardware to keep it moving smoothly.

Proper Alignment
Make sure that the doors and windows don’t shift out of place. If your windows and doors aren’t properly aligned, moving them could cause damage to the frame or the track. The key to properly care for replacement windows here is to fix the problem as soon as it happens.

Keep Them As Dry As Possible
Watch out for problems with excessive moisture or mold. If you are having problems with too much moisture, this probably isn’t a problem with the doors or windows themselves, but it is still a very important problem to fix. If you do not do the proper care for replacement windows, and get this problem taken care of early on, you will have a major headache to deal with later on down the road. Water damage is not a problem that anyone wants to deal with.

Proper Drainage
Make sure that your home has proper drainage, so water stays away from the crevices around doors and windows. This is one of the best ways to keep the moisture out.

A Great Warranty
Having a good window warranty is essential, and can save you headache when you need to properly care for replacement windows You can properly care for replacement windows just by calling either the manufacturer or the contractor, if a problem occurs that is covered by the warranty. Problems with the locks, or the opening and closing of doors and windows are often covered by your warranty. If your windows have a problem that is covered by the warranty, you should never fix it yourself, because doing so may be in violation of the terms of the warranty.

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