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Explore 2023 replacement windows reviews from more than 50 top window manufacturers and companies. Read consumer and contractor opinions on popular models, brands, customer service, pricing and much more.

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Replacement Windows Reviews | A


I have installed lots of Alside Excaliburs throughout my life and consider these to be some of the best. Having said that…

» Alside Reviews


I like the Amerimax vinyl window because they have the AAMA color certification – unlike most vinyls. They won’t take on a yellow tint over time…

» Amerimax Windows Reviews


Amsco has no labor warranty for their products, meaning their delears are responsible for installation or product issues. The way I understand it, AMSCO gives their dealers a small sales percentage that goes towards warranty issues…

» Amsco Reviews

American Craftsman

If you’re after a bargain window then American Craftsman is a good choice. I have fifteen years’ experience with these windows and they have good customer service and a decent warranty. Don’t go with anything below the 8500 series and you’ll be alright…

» Opinions On American Craftsman


Andersen is one of the largest manufacturers and makes tons of product lines, including their 200, 400 series and architectural line. They make a good (and expensive) product that is top quality.

» Andersen Windows Reviews


I do all of my work on the East Coast so I personally am unfamiliar with their lines, but from all of the reviews I have seen, they are quite well regarded. Anlin manufacturer only on the West Coast…

» Opinions On Anlin


I am in the process of replacing some of the windows in my home and had the Apex salesman here to give me a quote. They can in reasonably priced, in my opinion…

» Opinions On Apex


I currently work as an installer and do lots of Atriums so I’m probably biased, but I have had solid results. I would put them on the same level as Simontons. Atrium makes their own vinyl and…

» Atrium Windows

Replacement Windows Reviews | B

BF Rich

We chose BF Rich and I can’t say I am sorry that we did. The sales representative was highly professional and easy to work with. They replaced two openings in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and a few others…

» Opinions On BF Rich

Replacement Windows Reviews | C


Overall, I am thrilled with the service we received, they are excellent quality and the lifetime guarantee is a huge bonus…

» Castle Windows Reviews


I have been a builder for over a decade and built countless homes over the years. When I decided to build my home (one that I had hoped to live in for many years), I did lots of research and obviously had some experience with companies like Certainteed. We decided to go with…

» Viewpoints On CertainTeed


The Good: Champion makes a solid product, nothing fancy or technologically out of this world (double glazed, intercept spacers) but good. They provide a solid warranty and in general…now for the bad…

» Champion Window Reviews


We had them put into our old house, but we didn’t get the vinyl inserts. I was happy with them. The windows at our new house are the vinyl kind and they’re garbage. The Crestlines never gave us any problems and we had them for 12 years. The old one have had all kinds of moisture inside and the people who make those keep saying that there’s supposed to be moisture and that’s how you know they’re working.

» Opinions On Crestline


I have these in my new house and I’ve been really happy with them. I went with the energy efficiency package, and also got the lifetime warranty. I will qualify for a tax credit and have lower energy bills than in my older, much smaller house…

» Crystal Windows Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | D

Don Young

Don Young makes a great thermally-broken aluminum window – especially their single hung. If the windows are large, I’d go aluminum without a doubt. If they are smaller than say 36″ by 72″, then vinyl windows should certainly be in the mix…

» Don Young Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | E


The only time I’ve ever seen anything go wrong was when the installer made a mistake. Sometimes, they’ll try to blame it on the window but I can usually tell. If they have a problem and there’s a leak somewhere or it’s drafty, it was usually the installation…

» Opinions On Eagle


There is a new Ellison model available, which is also manufactured by Atrium, except they are better when it comes to pricing, so I am looking forward to giving them a try as they look similar to the Atriums…

» Ellison Review Information

Replacement Windows Reviews | F

Fiberglass Windows

Read opinions from contractors, past customers, industry experts and homeowners. See top brands and window lines, including Pella Impervia, Marvin Integrity and Infinity, Inline and others.

» Fiberglass Windows Reviews

Four Seasons

I purchased a Four Seasons sunroom back in 2008 and it came with a five-year guarantee and cost something in the neighborhood of $20,000. This included lots of upgrades such as triple pane glass and gluelam beams. For the first seven years, the sunroom has performed perfectly. This winter, however..

» Four Seasons Sunrooms Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | G


I’m somewhat familiar with Gerkin vinyl windows, although I’ve only installed their casement vinyls. These are built well with good numbers for air infiltration — the biggest downside is their lack of color and glass options…

» Gerkin Review Information


It’s been almost a year since we got ours. The gas bill did go down by almost a third but they are so fiddly. Sometimes I have to open and shut them several times to stop the whistling where some air is getting through. I also had problems with the installers…

» Opinions On Gilkey


Gorell did make a very good vinyl product – start out seeing the 5100 and then take a look at the Gorell 5300 series for comparison purposes (both offer good value).

Gorell Windows Reviews

Great Lakes

I used to work for Pella so I was leaning towards getting them when it came time to replace mine. I have a trusted contractor who I am already going with so I am a bit torn because he highly recommended Great Lakes windows

» Great Lakes Window Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | G


I would say Harvey is a decent mid range vinyl manufacturer. I would also say that their lower end vinyls are not very good, especially in the past. I think the Harvey Classic and Tribute are quite nice looking…

» Opinions On Harvey


Hayfield and Gerkin are both good options, so you can’t go wrong whichever you choose. My recommendation would be to go and look at both products in person and make your decision from there. I know the Hayfield sliders are single sliders, I am not sure what Gerkin offers…

» Opinions On Hayfield


The new Hurd windows are much better than the Andersens as far as I’m concerned. In fact, the head engineer for Andersen is now in charge of the R&D program for Hurd, which definitely went through some problems in the past but now they are…

» Hurd Windows Review

Replacement Windows Reviews | J


Find out more about their products and get real homeowners opinions on whether or not the money spent was worth it.

» Opinions On Jancor

Jeld Wen

I think Jeld-wen manufactures a quality product, however their installation instructions are geared towards new construction or builders and not so much for replacements or inserts. I’d recommend that homeowners take a good hard look at who is doing their install…

» Jeld Wen Windows Reviews


They took over Graef, a few years ago and are based out of Berea Ohio. They make a decent vinyl product, I would say it is a solid mid grade manufacturer. I don’t think I have actually installed any of these per se, but have handled tons of jobs that used Graef…

» Opinions On Joyce

Replacement Windows Reviews | K


Read reviews on their different offerings and find out more on lines offered, pricing and much more.

» Opinions On Kohler


I recommend Kolbe to all my clients. When speaking to other installers, they all agree that Kolbe are the way to go, even though Pella does have a good reputation. Personally I think Kolbe have improved customer services and they are a better quality window.

Opinions On Kolbe

Replacement Windows Reviews | L


I’m a contractor and have installed them for over 10 years — mainly the thermopane with wood interiors and metal clad exteriors. I have probably installed over a 1000 of them and honestly have had only minor issues on several…

» Lincoln Windows Reviews


In the end I returned to the Lindsay Pinnacle series. I have had these windows for a while now and am so happy I chose these over any of the others on the market…

» Opinions On Lindsay


I sell Marvin and Loewen windows and honestly I like them both. Loewen is the smaller company of the two and uses exclusively dealers and distributors to sell their products. This means that consumers need to research the dealer…

» Loewen Window Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | M


I’ve install just about every major window brand over the years — recently installed nearly $100K in Marvins for a beautiful custom remodel in Southern California. The windows turned out great…

» Marvin Windows Reviews | Marvin Integrity | Marvin Infinity


My home has 15 yr old MI & I was impressed with how they stood behind the warranty – in fact, it was better than many other companies I’ve dealt with. Turns out that lots of builders “buy down” the MI window warranty is cheaper for them and…

» Opinions On MI


I live on a busy road and two months ago installed the Milgard QuietLines (45 STC rating). They were expensive (I think I paid about $800 per, which I believe is actually a very good price), and worth every penny…

» Milgard Window Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | O


I agree that the Okna 800 is at the top of the heap in terms of best consumer products on the market and would list it among the top 4. I would put the Okna window solidly over the Simonton in general…

OKNA Windows Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | P


I have had my share of problems with Pella over the years. Years ago, they dominated the higher end market, but then they went and manufactured some amazingly low end vinyls and it has hurt their reputation…

» Pella Windows Reviews | Pella Impervia


I don’t think they’re very well known in a lot of places but PGT is pretty popular down in Florida. They kind of broke out in the late 90s. Their biggest sellers are the hurricane impacts. That’s a big deal here with the risk of storms every year. They have standard products also, but they aren’t as common in Florida. I work with a lot of different brands and PGT makes a good frame.

PGT Window Reviews

Ply Gem

Our Ply Gems are very solid. We ordered their 18 of their Pro Series and installed an outswinging French door. Before buying, I went to their production warehouse and checked out all of the products firsthand. Ply Gem was very helpful and…

» Opinions On Ply Gem


I have a lot of experience with Polaris and feel their UltraWeld is a great window. When it comes to bay and bows, Polaris is the best, even when you compare them to known brands such as Simonton. Their energy efficiency is excellent, they are visually appealing and have good performance numbers.

» Opinions On Polaris

Replacement Windows Reviews | R


We went with the Reliabilt Survivor 7100 range and placed the order last week. Looking at consumer report comparisons, the Reliabilt 5600 series is considered one of the top vinyl windows

Reliabilt Window Reviews

Renewal By Andersen

Each Renewal By Andersen is a franchise, meaning that the one in your town or city is privately owned and operated. You aren’t able to walk into a Lowes or Home Depot and buy RBA — these stores only carry the standard Andersens. Andersen sets standards and provides training to the franchisee, but you are purchasing Renewals from the franchise owner…

Renewal By Andersen


These have held up pretty well. We haven’t had any problems. They’re really sturdy and they look nice too. When we pressure washed the house a few months ago, the older ones had some leaks but the Republics didn’t give us any problems at all. ..

» Opinions On Republic

Replacement Windows Reviews | S


Explore consumer comments and past customer takes on how effective or poorly these products function and work in the home…

» Opinions On Schuco

Sierra Pacific

Four years ago, we had 13 large casements (all aluminum clad) and 3 French doors from Sierra Pacific installed and I am pretty happy with how everything has turned out. There have been a couple of issues…

» Sierra Pacific Reviews


Find out more about Silverline costs and products and get real buyer opinions on whether or not the money spent was worth it…

Silverline Windows Reviews


Explore consumer comments and past customer takes on how effective or poorly these products function and work in the home. Find more on Simonton windows prices.

Simonton Windows Reviews


Discover what people are saying about the lines, the installation process and how they hold up over time.

» Opinions On Soft-Lite


Find out more about their products and get real customers opinions on whether or not their investment was a good one. More on Sunrise pricing.

» Sunrise Windows Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | T


Explore consumer comments and buyers’ takes on how effective or these products function and work in the home.

» Opinions On Traco

Replacement Windows Reviews | V


Discover what people are saying about the products, the installation process and how they hold up over time. More on Vinyl costs and prices.

» Opinions On Vinylmax


I recently had my single paned windows replaced with double paned Viwinco tilt windows. Here’s the rub, my new ones are…

» Viwinco Window Reviews


Vytex look like very solid company. I believe the Potomac is their top range window. If it were up to me I would go with the Soft-Lite Imperials, because I know they offer excellent performance. If you have a HiMark dealer in your area, you may want to have a look at them before making a final decision…

» Vytex Reviews

Replacement Windows Reviews | V


A few months ago I had some Wallside windows and door fitted in my home and am absolutely thrilled with my choice. Before I made my decision I met with a great salesman from Wallside and he explained the different models…

» Wallside Windows Reviews


Read about their different offerings and find out more on lines offered, pricing and much more.

» Opinions On Wasco –


Discover what people are saying about the product lines, the installation process and how they hold up over time.

» Wincore Reviews

Weather Shield

Find out more about their product and get real customer opinions on whether or not the money spent was worth it for Weather Shield windows.

» Weather Shield Reviews

Window World

See consumer, contractor and industry insiders on Window World windows. Read consumer and contractor opinions.

» Window World Reviews

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