Types Of Windows

There our many types of windows to choose from four your home — double-hung, single-hung, storm, thermal, awning, bay, bow, casements, the list goes on and on. Explore the whole range of replacement types and styles — we have included a general description of each window style, along with a link to a more in-depth article.

Types Of Windows

arched window

Arched Windows – These are typically used in conjunction with other styles and just one can make a stand-out statement that passersby won’t soon forget. Before buying an arched top, make sure you know the basics about this rather interesting style.

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attic window

Attic Windows – These are available in different styles and are great for providing natural lighting or to elevate the design elements of a home. The most common styles are skylight and dormers, while fixed and also casements are also common.

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awning window

Awning Windows – These are typically taller horizontally and often rectangular in shape that are hinged on the top so that they can open outward from above. When opened, they resemble awnings, providing both ventilation and an awning for rain.

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bay window

Bay Windows – This style can be a welcome addition to any style of home, allowing natural light and the beauty of outdoors to penetrate into interior spaces. They can be a dramatic focal point in any room and can enhance the exterior look of a home, as well as its value.

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basement window

Basement Egress – These can increase the energy efficiency of your home, improve the amount of light that streams into the basement, improve your home’s security and add to the aesthetic appeal. They can be expensive to install due to the safety requirements.

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bow window

Bow Windows -These are a unique and creative take on the traditional bay, which is squared and angular, using an array of regular square and rectangular to create a windowed alcove. Bows have a softened look and feel, using curved windows to create a more gentle and unique shape.

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casement window

Casement Windows – These are often considered beautiful style that can really transform a home. Casements are an excellent choice for those who want good ventilation, because they open wide and the angled window catches the air and draws it inside.

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circle window

Circle Windows – These are considered a type of specialty that are made in the shape of circles and come in different styles and materials. They can have no internal framing such as a porthole or they can contain numerous panes separated by mullions.

chord window

Chord Windows – These are a type of specialty option that are technically no different from half circles. Usually though they are not as tall and can either have a single pane or can be divided by mullions for design affect.

clerestory window

Clerestory Windows – These are an architectural element of a home that is pronounced “clear story.” They are a series of frames at the top of a story that can be visually stunning, adding a unique and beautiful element to a home.

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Colonial Windows – These have been featured on many homes since the 1600s. Most of the characteristics come from practical considerations. Small panes, shutters, and regular spacing are some of what makes this style recognizable as a Colonial feature.

Craftsman Windows – The Craftsman style features a wider, more horizontal window. They are considered by many to be the predecessor to the modern sliders. Often paired with deep overhanging eaves and broad gables, the Craftsman style is mainly seen on single story homes with large attics.

dormer window

Dormer Windows – These are basically installed on a dormer, the part of a home that is built out from the roof or side of a house to turn the attic into livable space. They serve multiple purposes – letting in much needed light, adding visual space to an otherwise small area and even creating a cozy seating spot.

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double hung window

Double-Hungs – These are probably the most common style and are so named because they have an upper and lower sash. One or both sashes can be moved up and down in separate grooves in the side jambs; the vertical pieces at the edges of the frame.

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egress window

Egress Windows – These aren’t a specific style in and of themselves, but rather a specific sized frame that will be large enough to allow individuals to exit through in an emergency.

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fixed frame window

Fixed Frame – These are also known as fixed frames, are very simply style that doesn’t open. They can provide a view to the outdoors but do not allow in air. They are non-operable and are a great addition to any home due to the amount of light that they can add to a room.

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garden window

Garden Windows – Basically a type of bay that is used in kitchens, typically over a sink, with a glass panel overhead in addition to the sides. They get their name due to the fact that they are often used to house plants, flowers or herbs along the window sill.

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geometric window

Geometric Windows – These are often times thought of as synonymous with specialty options, although this is not entirely true. They are technically a smaller subset of specialty options because they wouldn’t include any window with an arch or a curve.

glass block window

Glass Block – These can be installed instead of more traditional styles to let light in from the outside, while affording more privacy and security than most other types. They can also be used in innovative ways within the home to add decorative accent.

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gliding window

Gliders – A great choice for new construction or retrofit. This type of window can enhance the look of your home – discover more about this home window option.

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hexagon window

Hexagon windows are one of the most rare specialty options that come in the shape of hexagon, which have six sides to them. They are much more seldom seen than octagon shapes, although they are available in wood, vinyl and composite frames.

hood mold window

Hood Mold – A great choice for new construction and replacements. This type of window can enhance the look of your home – discover more about this home window option.

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Additional Types Of Windows

half circle window

Half Circle Windows – They are one of many specialty options that come in the shape of half circles and are available in many distinct sizes and materials. They can be beautiful additions to a home and can add real design pop when placed above a door or frame.

hopper window

Hopper – These are hinged at the bottom and open by tilting out at the top. They can be fully opened and the screen is attached on the outside of the pane/frame. A crank-style handle is situated at the inside bottom and is turned to open and close it.

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Impact Windows – These can literally be a lifesaver if you live in a storm zone. When a tornado or hurricane comes through, everything in your home is in danger. Quality products can help to protect your loved ones and your belongings when storms hit. Most are made from vinyl or uPVC.

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jalousie window

Jalousie Windows – These are an interesting style of window that is characterized by horizonatal slatted window panes that rotate to provide amazing ventilation. They are nearly identical to louvered and are often found in warm climates where using afternoon breezes to cool off a room is a must.

lancet window

Lancet Window – These are tall and narrow that have a pointed end at the top. They acquired the name because the resemble a lance (a broad, heavy spear) and are most often found on Gothic churches. Their design is rare in residential homes, although they are the great ancestor to the more popular and much less severe arched tops.

louvered window

Louvered Windows – These are slatted and adjustable – often seen in tropical climates, allowing balmy breezes to flow through the horizontal panes. You may have never heard of them before but they are fantastic for certain set ups and homes.

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oriel window

Oriel – These are a type of bay that adds unique character to both the inside and outside of your home. Oriels are known for their quality and beautiful architectural details.

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paired window

Paired – A great choice for new construction and replacements. This type of window can enhance the look of your home – discover more about this home window option.

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palladian window

Palladian – These are a set of three frames often separated by columns where the outside frames are thin and rectangular and the center frame is topped by a rounded archway (that portion can look similar to arched or rounded tops. They tend to be rather ornate designs and when done well can add elegance and a stunning focal point for any home.

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patio window

Patio Window – and doors provide a beautiful focal point to any home that can transform an ordinary space into something not only wonderful to look at, but also very functional. They can add tremendous amounts of light, great ventilation, save on space and can bring a sense of spaciousness by opening the room onto a beautiful patio or entertaining area.

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picture window

Picture Window – These are a great way to update the look of your home. Replacement picture windows can be some of the most eye-catching window elements in your home since, by their very nature, they create a frame to let the beauty of the outdoors inside your home.

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porthole window

Porthole – When most people think of this replacement style, they think of ships, and although that is where these windows got their origin and can add an interesting design element to a home.

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More Types Of Windows

ribbon window

Ribbon Windows are a band of panes (placed side by side) and separated only by either a simple frame, mullion or an inch strip of rubberized caulking. While they are most commonly associated with commercial buildings, they can be used very effectively on residential homes as well.

rolling window

Rolling – Solid choice for new construction or replacements. This style will  enhance the look of your home – discover more about this choice.

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rotating window

Rotating – These are truly a unique looking feature for homes that are available in a number of different frames and shapes and can add great functionality, ventilation and aesthetics to any home. They are usually circular or oval in shape, although they can also be a traditional rectangle as well.

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round top window

Round Tops – These can add real distinction and flair to a home. These specialty type of frame can also add unique architectural focal points, helping to elevate the overall look and value of the home. Although there are stock options, many will be custom made and require custom installation, which can mean a higher overall price tag.

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seamless window

Seamless – Solid choice for new construction or retrofit. This window style will enhance the look of your home – discover more about these home window choice.

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Single-Hungs – The window frame, sash, and mechanics of single-hungs are similar to those in double-hungs, but the top half of single-hungs is fixed. Single-hungs come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs.

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skylight window

Skylights– Offer a variety of benefits to homeowners, not the least of which is creating a light-filled and beautiful space within a home. In addition to the aesthetic benefits that skylights offer, they can increase energy efficiency and ventilation.

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sliding window

Sliders – These are a solid option for many homeowners, especially those that need to conserve on space. Sliding or gliders are two different terms to define the same type of window. Discover the 8 benefits of sliding and gliding options.

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soundproof window

Soundproof Window – Solid choice for new construction or replacements. This style will enhance the look of your home – discover more about these home choice.

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specialty window

Specialty Windows – These often add distinction and beauty to a home by using curved or interested shapes that are distinct from traditional rectangular frames. They are offered by many top companies and are often at the top of the heap when it comes to cost.

sunroom window

Sunroom Windows – When it comes to sunrooms, nothing sets the tone of the space more than the type of window you install and how energy efficient the space.

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storm window

Storm Windows – Solid choice for new construction or replacements. This style will enhance the look of your home – discover more about these home window choice.

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thermal window

Thermal Windows – These are typically double paned, although they can even be triple-paned, and are usually at least twice to quadruple as efficient as single paned. They are an effective way to make your home more energy efficient and lower your utility bills.

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turn tilt window

Tilt Turns – Solid choice for new construction or replacements. This style will  enhance the look of your home – discover more about this option.

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transom window

Transom Windows – These are one of those replacement styles that do not typically stand alone but that can add a dramatic look and feel when combined with other styles or doors. They are often placed above a window or door to let in more light or air.

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trapezoid window

Trapezoid – These are a style of specialty frames that are made in the shape of trapezoids where two sides are straight and parallel to one another, while the other two sides are slanted. Typically, it is the top edge that is slanted.