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Discover many of the most popular window manufacturers — find out about their product lines, costs and prices, advantages and disadvantages.

Window Manufacturers


For nearly 60 years, Alside has been a leader in the vinyl products business. They create vinyl products with the same quality and attention to detail as they do their vinyl siding. Also get a better sense of what you can expect when it comes to Alside costs.

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Amerimax enjoys a solid reputation in the business for producing good quality vinyl products. They are at the upper range of vinyl prices, but with professional and thorough installation they should be an excellent investment.

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AMSCO is a smaller, regional manufacturer that focuses on lower to mid grade vinyl lines. They have been in business for numerous decades, but there is not a ton of information on them online.

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Andersen was established in 1903, the Andersen Corporation has been an innovator and industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality products. They certainly are at the top of the cost scale, although many consumers think their prices and brand are worth it.

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Anlin Windows are one of the leading manufacturers in California that offers 3 vinyl product lines – the Coronado, Catalina and Monterey. The company maintains a good reputation and places a big emphasis on energy efficient products and functionality.

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Atrium enjoys a solid reputation for their main focus, which is vinyl replacements, although they also produce aluminum doors on a more regional basis. Discover their products, prices and warranty information.

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CertainTeed Windows are now being manufactured by MI Windows And Doors. This is a big change from their previous system of using fabricators, which caused lots of inconsistencies in the overall quality of their products.

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Champion is one of the east coast manufacturers and find out more on their products, warranty and costs.

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Gerkin is headquartered in Sioux city, Iowa and has been manufacturing since 1932. Within the industry, Gerkin is perhaps best known for their commercial aluminum products called the Rhino Series. They are primarily sold to builders, contractors and developers.

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Gorell was purchased in 2012 by Soft-Lite and closed up its doors. Of course, their windows are still out there and we have pages that discuss their prices and some consumer reviews.

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Great Lakes

Great Lakes carries 4 main product lines, including UniFrame, Lifestyles, Seabrooke and Bayshore. Discover more on this company.

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Harvey – They are headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and founded in 1961. They manufacture a handful of product lines and styles and are considered a mid-grade manufacturer. Their most popular lines include Classics and Tributes.

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Indow is based out of Portland, Oregon and has been manufacturing their 7 different insert options since 2010.The company uses a compression tubing as the frame of the insert, along with an acrylic glazing. The inserts are more flexible than a traditional storm window and can form fit much better inside an existing frame.

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Jeld Wen

Jeld-Wen offers a wide selection of styles in different materials and also offers a myriad of options to choose from. Discover more about this 50 year old company.

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Jancor – Is one of many manufacturers. Find out more on their products, warranty and costs.

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Joyce may be one of the newer entrants in the vinyl market, but the Joyce name has been a trusted one in the home improvement business since the 1950s.

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Loewen offers a wide selection of wood options and doors. Read on to find out more about Loewen products and find out why the name Loewen is synonymous with superior quality.

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Marvin is one of the top window manufacturers in the United States and all three models they produce, the Integrity, Infinity and the Ultimate all receive very favorable reviews from both homeowners and installers.

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MI manufactures aluminum, composite and vinyl new construction and replacements. The company now manufactures CertainTeed and several sub brands (BetterBilt, Capitol and Xact) are now being marketed simply as MI.

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Milgard produces all types of windows, which include the Tuscany (higher end), Montecito (new construction windows) and Style Line (lower end vinyl option). Their wood products include the Essence Series and they also manufacture the Ultra fiberglass window.

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OKNA specializes in energy efficient windows using advanced technology. Nearly all of their product lines exceed the Energy Star requirements, including their 400, 600, 700, 800 and Starmark window models.

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Pella began as a small town manufacturer of screens in Iowa is now one of the biggest names in the industry. Known for the wood clad windows, they do make fiberglass and vinyl windows as well.

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Polaris is generally considered a very good vinyl window manufacturer and their UltraWeld gets high marks from contractors and installers. Get pricing and product info on the ValuSmart, ThermalWeld and UltraWeld window series.

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Ply Gem

Ply Gem has always been more of a builder grade company, although they do sell to the residential market. They don’t have a ton of window series to choose from, but they are a solid mid range vinyl window company.

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Renewal By Andersen

Renewal By Andersen is confusing to many consumers who assume that this is a replacement line offered by Andersen. In fact, Renewals By Andersen are all independently owned franchises, meaning that the RBA in your hometown is independently owned and operated.

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Schuco – In 2008, Schuco stopped selling their vinyl products in the United States. They still sell aluminum styles on the commercial side to builders, developers etc. but they no longer sell residentially.

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Sierra Pacific

Sierra Pacific are good quality, energy efficient windows that come with a selection of options and added features to further enhance their design and functionality.

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Silverline was once owned by the Andersen Corporation, but no longer. They sell two series, the V1 and the V3. Both are considered builder grade windows – that is, relatively low quality options.

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Simonton is possibly the best known vinyl window manufacturer in the United States and produces a ton of models that all seem to have different titles. The company enjoys a nice reputation for making solid mid range vinyl windows that stand the test of time.

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Soft-Lite is certainly not as well known as some of the bigger players in the industry, but they are one of the best. They purchased Gorell in 2012 and are looking to become a bigger player in the vinyl window space.

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Sunrise is probably comparable to Soft-Lite in terms of quality and also recognizability in the industry. They are one of the top companies in terms of vinyl windows.

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Traco manufactured residential products for everyday homeowners. Today, they do manufacture a whole slew of products but only for commercial and architectural purposes – many of their products are aluminum frames.

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Vinylmax is a smaller, regional vinyl window maker, but they definitely get props for making a decent window at an affordable price.

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Viwinco specializes in vinyl; they are considered by many to be a low to mid level window. Most homeowners can expect to purchase and have them installed for $250 – $350 per.

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Wallside prices run $190 to $400 for the window and installation. This price range refers to a normal sized window with standard installation.

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Weather Shield

Weather Shield offers full replacements, pocket replacements and tilt-sash replacements. They also offer custom fitted design and a variety of feature options to choose from.

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Wincore is one of many window manufacturers. Find out more on their products, warranties and costs.

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Window World

WW is one the most widely known name in the business, mainly because of the $189 installed teaser rate that the many franchises advertise so readily. The company actually sells rebadged Alside window models.

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