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Our replacement window articles section is a great educational and research tool for anyone interested in learning more about home windows. We are constantly adding information based articles on a variety of topics so make sure to bookmark this page and check back every so often to see our newest additions.

Replacement Window Articles

Ten Reasons For Replacements – Why only 10 reasons? Besides being a nice round number, we felt that ten solid reasons should be enough to convince most people that replacement windows is a worthwhile venture.

Best Replacement Windows From Consumer Reports – Every few years we get the consumer reports ratings and rankings on the best windows. The  findings offer objective ratings based on testing and actual findings, a welcome option for most consumers.

Best Vinyl Replacements – Making claims about what are the best vinyl replacement windows is tricky business. We decided to find industry experts to give their own opinions. We will continue to add additional expert opinions so that consumers will get a huge swath of views and opinions.

Avoiding Sales Pitches, Tactics And Scams – The point of this article is to help consumers identify some of the more common sales tactics before they happen and to suggest some ways to avoid them and hopefully save money in the long run.

Buying Replacement Windows – When buying replacement windows, there are a whole host of decisions to make and options to choose from. We have outlined the ten key factors to consider when you are buying and talking to potential window installation contractors.

Replacement Window Contractors – Finding quality contractors can be a frustrating process. Here is a 12 step guide to finding the best window contractor – from pre-screening over the phone to drawing up a contract that protects both parties.

Window Warranty – The simpler and more straightforward the warranty is, the better. One surefire way to simplify the warranty process is to find a company that both manufactures and installs the window.

Window Reviews – Find reviews about the major manufacturers and popular product lines. Users can add their own reviews to help other homeowners find out more about replacement windows and hardware.

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Tips And Advice For Buying – Our industry expert replacement window tips and advice can help you make a more informed decision when it’s time for buying replacement windows. See how 8 great tips on how to get the best.

Negotiation Tactics – Use these 10 negotiation tactics to help you get the best prices on replacement windows. By the way, these 10 tips can help you save money and ease stress when you negotiate prices on anything you purchase or sell.

Energy Efficient Windows – Energy efficient windows not only reduce negative effects on the environment,  they help lower monthly utility bills. One of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient is with newer, more energy efficient windows.

Energy Star Windows – Energy Star Certified Windows are intended to help homeowners reduce energy consumption in their homes by using more energy efficient windows.

Home Values & ROI – Replacement windows can have a significant impact on the value of your home. In fact, according to a 2006 survey, window replacement was considered the remodeling project with the biggest bang for the buck.

Window Ratings – There are eight key factors that can help you find an energy efficient window that you can afford. Explore U-Factor, SHGC, VT, DP, AI, R-Value, CR and STC.

Aluminum vs. Vinyls – Confused over aluminum vs. vinyl windows for your home? Find out what you can expect from both vinyl replacement windows and aluminum replacement windows and make the most informed decision for your home.

Replacement eBook – Our eBook, entitled, “Replacement Windows: The Comprehensive Guide To Navigating The Process” contains 9 chapters that take you from start to finish when considering this home improvement project.

Get Quality Estimate – Find out how to get the right bids and quotes to insure that the job gets done right and at a reasonable price.

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