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Gorell Windows Reviews

Gorell is regarded by many as making a good quality vinyl window. In particular, the 5300 Series seems well received by homeowners, as well as installers, contractors etc. Certainly there are some opinions that are unfavorable, but for the most part, the company seems to be spared the sorts of scathing rants that many other window companies receive.

Gorell Customer Complaint

I had Gorells installed in my home 2 years ago and have had multiple issues with the sealing strips basically falling out into the middle of the double pane. The sashes needed to be replaced and the contractor I used is NOT happy with Gorell. The company did send us out replacement sashes and has been good about following their warranty on defective parts. They even admitted that they know about the problem and claim that it was a “bad batch.” The contractor had to eat the replacement time though, which I feel bad about, especially if the company knew that they created an inferior sash (even if for a limited time).

James from Newport Beach, Ca – 2010

Top Rated Company

Gorell makes a really good vinyl product – start out seeing the 5100 and then take a look at the 5300 series for comparison purposes (both offer good value). They aren’t the cheapest and they aren’t the most expensive, but pound for pound, I would put them in the top 5, along with Polaris, Sunrise, Okna, and Soft Lite (notice the absence of Andersen and Pella).

Bill from Houston, Tx. from 2009

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Gorell Cost & Pricing

Entry Level: $350 to $425 installed

Mid Range: $425 to $550 installed

High End: $500 to $750 installed

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Gorell vs Okna

I’m partial to the Gorell products, but a well priced Okna 500 TP Series with argon fills is tough to beat. Gorell has a great reputation as a top vinyl window manufacturer, but I must admit that the Okna beats it on paper. At the exact same price, I would say it’s a toss up between these two, but if the Okna comes in at a lower cost I think that would make me give it the nod.

Bill – Window Contractor in Milwaukee – from 2011

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