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OKNA Windows Prices From Past Customers

Okna 800 Windows Costs

800 TP Series
8 DHs, 1 Casement (Krypton, Low-e Deluxe, Colonial Grids)
Dimensions: 33″W x 35″H (2), 45″W x 40″H (6)
Price: $6821 ($755 each on average)
Included product, all removal and installation.
Location: Western PA
Project completed in 2011.

800 Line
12 DHs, 1 Picture
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $7000 ($535 each)
Included product and installation.
Location: New Jersey
Project completed in 2011.

Enviro Star 800 Series
22 DHs, 2 Half Rounds, 1 Slider, 1 Sliding Patio Door and 3 Picture Windows
Dimensions: Varied
OKNA window Prices: $18,500 ($637 per)
Price included installation.
Location: NJ
Bid price from 2010.

Okna 500 Windows Prices

Insul-Tec 500 Deluxe Series
8 Double Hung Windows
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $710 per window, with grids
Price included windows, foam insulation, removal of old windows and installation.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Bid price from 2011.

500 Series
6 Double Hungs, 1 Large Slider, 1 Fixed Frame, 2 Casements
Dimensions: Varied
Price: $7,000 ($700 average each)
Cost included contractor installation.
Location: South East PA
Cost bid from 2009.

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500 Series
12 DHs (28″W x 38″H), 4 Double Sliders (64″W x 62″H), 2 Casement Windows (68″W x 50″H)
Insul-Tec Deluxe with low-E, argon fills
Dimensions: See above.
Price: $11,000 ($611 per window)
Cost included installation.
Location: NYC Metro Area
Project completed in 2010.

Okna Elantage Window Pricing

Elantage Series
1 Patio Door, ESP Package And 4 Point Lock System
Dimensions: 60″W
Price: $1950
Cost included contractor installation.
Cost bid from 2011.
Location: South East PA

Okna Starmark Window Pricing

Starmark Series
10 White Double Hungs With Standard Features
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $850 per window
Price includes window and local contractor installation.
Location: Delaware
Pricing from 2011.

Starmark Bow Windows
5 Mulled Windows
Dimensions: 108″W x 54″H
Price: $4220 ($844 each)
Included installation.
Location: N/A
Bid price from 2011.

Starmark Series
10 Double Hungs, 2 Picture Windows
Dimensions: Mostly standard sizes
Price: $8,600 (triple pane, krypton fills) ($716 average per)
$7,900 (triple pane, argon fills) ($658 average per)
$7,400 (double pane, argon fills) ($616 average per)
Price included windows and installation.
Location: N/A
Project bids from 2010.

Starmark Line
16 Double Hung Wood Windows, Cellular Composite Clad (full screens)
Dimensions: Standard sized
Price $13,600 ($850 per)
Price included installation and replacing some trim and minor cedar exterior cladding.
Location: New Hampshire.
Project completed in 2010.

Starmark Series
Double Hung, Double Pane, Foam Filled (SDL w/contour grid and half screens)
Dimensions: 36″W x 45″H
Price: $750 average each
Location: N/A
Price includes windows and installation.
Cost bid from 2010.

Starmark Series
13 DHs, 2 Picture Windows, 1 Sliding Glass Window Door
Dimensions: Varied
Pricing: $17,000 ($1062 per)
Price includes installation.
Location: PA
Bid price from 2010.

Garden Windows
Dimensions: 42″W x 28″H
Pricing: $1800
Includes cost for installation and minor framing prep work.
Location: N/A
Project completed in 2011.

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