Top Ten Reasons To Consider Replacements

While there are undoubtedly more reasons than what’s listed here, these are our top ten reasons to consider replacement windows. Why stop at 10? Besides being a nice round number, we felt that ten solid reasons should be enough to convince most people that replacement windows is a worthwhile venture. Combine numbers 1, 3 and 7 and we’re pretty sure that you will make back all of your initial cost — maybe not overnight, but certainly over the life of the windows.

Top Ten Reasons To Consider Replacement Windows

1. $1500 Federal Tax Credit

Nearly all new companies and manufacturers today produce windows that qualify for the Federal Government Tax Credit of up to $1500. Spend $5000 or more on your home windows and automatically take $1500 DIRECTLY off your taxes — this isn’t a deduction, it’s way better!

2. Your House Will Look Amazing

Everyone wants their home to look as good as possible. Old, warped or cracked windows don’t exactly add to the overall aesthetics of a home. Take a drive and check out homes with new, updated windows — you’ll be amazed at how attractive, clean and fresh they make a home look.

3. Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Replacing your windows will, on average, save you 10 to 25 percent each year on your heating and cooling bill. For most families, that means $300 in your pocket each year; over the life of the windows, this cost savings alone will nearly pay the replacement cost.

4. No More Cold Winters (Less Cold Anyway)

New windows means energy efficient windows for your home; which, in turn, not only saves you money but keeps you cozy during those long cold winters. Most of our heat escapes through doors and windows – better seals, hardware and glass fills shut out the frigid outside and keeps the heat where it belongs.

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5. No More Hot Summers

Just as your new windows will keep the heat from escaping in the winter, they will keep your cool air from your A/C from escaping in the summer. That means you will stay cooler and your bill at the end of the month will stay lower.

6. Good For The Environment

Whether or not you mean to “go green,” buying replacement windows plays a small part in helping mother earth. Warmer homes means less fires in the wintertime and less A/C in the summer, both of which equate to less CFCs in the atmosphere. And everyone feels better about doing their part for the environment.

7. Higher Value For Your Home

New replacement windows raises the value of your home, letting you recoup a good portion of the cost you shelled out for your windows. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, you can still take advantage of the higher home value when you reappraise your home. Higher reappraisal on your home means access to more money on your home equity line.

8. More Functionality To Your Home

Today you have a greater variety of styles and types of windows than ever before. This means that you can better integrate the types of windows that make sense in your home. The result is a better quality of living.

9. Increased Security

Older homes with outdated windows are great if you lose your keys and need to shimmy through the back bathroom window — but not so great if you want to insure that your family is safe and sound. New windows (and doors) will not only be much more secure, they often prevent would-be thieves from even considering breaking in. Statistics show the robbers and thieves are less likely to attempt a break in if a home looks like it is better equipped to keep them out.

10. Less Home Maintenance

New windows require WAY less maintenance than your old ones. Vinyl windows, composite and aluminum are virtually maintenance free and stand up better to the wear and tear of the elements.

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