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Our replacement windows eBook contains everything you need when it comes to home windows. Our eBook, entitled, “Replacement Windows: The Comprehensive Guide To Navigating The Process” contains 9 chapters that takes you from considering replacement windows to finding the best window contractor for the job.

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Chapter 1

Replace Or Repair Your Windows? That Is The Question While there are undoubtedly more reasons than what’s listed here, these are our top ten reasons to consider replacement windows.

Chapter 2

Get The 411 On Window Frames. One of the important decisions you’ll be making is determining the best kind of window frame for your home.

Chapter 3.

Selecting The Right Type Of Window. Choosing replacement window styles for your home will depend on a variety of factors that include where they will go, the level of energy efficiency you want, the design of your home, fire codes and the cost.

Chapter 4.

What to Expect When It Comes To Costs & Pricing. The good news is this – although replacement window costs may leave you with a bit of sticker shock, there are a number of benefits that will offset the amount that the windows will ultimately cost, making it a less expensive project than you think.

Chapter 5.

Discover The 4 Elements Of Window Ratings. When it comes to energy efficient windows, the bottom line is the higher the R-Value and the lower the U-value is, the lower your heating and cooling costs;

Chapter 6

Get To Know A Few Popular Window Manufacturers. Like any product or service, there are many manufacturers in the business of replacement windows.

Chapter 7.

How To Select The Best Window Contractor For Your Project. Here is a 12 step guide to finding the best replacement window contractors – from pre-screening over the phone to drawing up a contract that protects both parties and sets fast time lines for the project completion.

Chapter 8

The Art Of Negotiating The LOWEST Price Possible. Use these 10 useful negotiation tactics to get the best deal on replacement window prices and options.

Chapter 9.

What You Need To Get From Your Window Warranty. The simpler and more straightforward the replacement window warranty is, the better.