10 Negotiation Tactics To Get The Best Prices

Use these 10 negotiation tactics to help you get the best prices on replacement windows. By the way, these 10 tips can help you save money and ease stress when you negotiate prices for replacement windows or anything you purchase or sell.

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“Sometimes the best way to get the upper-hand during a negotiation is to simply listen. By constantly talking, we miss out on hearing important information and opportunities that can help sway the negotiations our way.”

10 Negotiation Tactics

1. Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive
When you are assertive, you take care of your own needs and interests by directly asking for what you want. The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness, however, is that you ask for what you want while maintaining respect for the other party. So, when it comes to negotiating prices on new replacement windows, ask the salesperson for what you want – whether it be a lower price, more options, or a shorter installation time frame – but do it nicely and with respect. Remember that EVERYTHING is negotiable, at least to some degree. But, if you don’t ask for what you want, the chances are slim to none that you will get it.

2. Leave Your Options Open
The most successful negotiations happen when you are willing to walk away if you don’t get what you want. If the other side knows that, they will realize they have to work harder to satisfy your demands. If they sense that you have no other options or are set on only their product line, they have the upper hand and are less likely to concede to your requests. Think about it – how quickly is a salesperson willing to suddenly lower a “non-negotiable” price when you start to walk out the door?

One strategy is to set a walk away price and stick to it. This is a great option because you set the price you are willing to pay for your replacements. If you can’t get that price, you HAVE to walk away. It takes all the pressure off because it is already set in stone in your mind before you entered into the negotiation. You can always reset your price but never do it during that particular “session.”

3. Ask For More Than You Expect
Negotiating is a compromise. So, start out by asking for more than you expect to receive. If you want a low price, ask for something lower. If you want more options, ask them to throw in more than you want. This gives you room to negotiate a compromise so you wind up with something closer to what you really want. Aiming high is a good first step in the process of negotiating a satisfactory deal.

Before you sit down to negotiate, make sure you’ve done your homework. The more info you have going into the negotiation, the stronger a negotiator you will be. Investigate what your other options are so you can lay those on the table. Be sure to check out what options the company has previously offered so you can call their bluff when they say that something is their “final offer.”

Window Brand Quality
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What do vinyl windows cost? Vinyl windows will range in price from $250 to $750 fully installed. Here are some sample prices.

Window World Cost: $250 installed

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5. Listen, Or Talk As Little As Possible
So, rather than talking about what you want or don’t want, ask a lot of questions and then actually listen to the answers. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn by just listening to the other person speak – information that will help you negotiate better to get what you want. Keep questions open-ended so the answers are filled with helpful information.

6. Focus On Their Incentive
If you take time to focus on what the other side is hoping to get out of the deal, it allows you to realize that you have more power in the negotiations. Does the salesperson have to meet a certain sales quota?  Is the company trying to push a new product?  Is it almost the end of the month?  If you can gauge what their motivation is for closing a deal with you, you’ll be in a better bargaining position.

7. Show How Their Needs will Be Met
Take a step back and look at the negotiations from the other side. If you can show them that their basic needs will be satisfied, they will be more inclined to look at things from your perspective as well. For example, if you know that what they really want is for you to use their window maintenance service, let them know that by getting a better price on the initial replacement window installation, you will be willing to sign up for that service. It’s kind of like “one hand washing the other.”

8. Don’t Give Away Something For Nothing
If you concede something during a negotiation, make sure you are getting something back in return. If they want to keep the price higher, ask them to throw in an extra energy efficient option or come down or move up the installation date. Giving away something for nothing will just give them the sense that they can get you to concede even more.

9. Take Your Time
Time is a very powerful negotiating tool. If you are not in a hurry to say “yes”, the other side may start to make concessions because they think your lack of affirmative action is an indication that you are no longer interested. So, if you’re not getting the price or benefits that you want, give it some time and see if the salesperson comes up with a better incentive to get you to agree to their offer.

10. Don’t Take It Personally
Negotiating is an art and in order to be successful at it, you can’t take things personally. While you’re trying to get what you want, the other party is just trying to do the same. Don’t let personalities get in the way of standing up for what you want in the deal. Remember that the salesperson is just trying to get you to buy their product or service on their terms and has nothing against you personally.

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