Window Replacement Cost Estimator

Use our window replacement cost estimator to find replacement project pricing for your next project. Our cost calculator is located here on the right —> and will give homeowners and consumers a peak into replacement window costs. One note here: the best way to get an accurate understanding of replacement windows costs for your home is by collecting four to five local bids. This will show you the fair market price for your project and can help you save money if you care to how to negotiate window prices.

We also offer a way to connect with local companies, who will provide you with free bids. If you use our free service, we will also look over any bids you receive and help you find the best one ofr your budget and timeline in the home. You can email us your price quotes —

Bill — Site Editor

“Our window replacement cost estimator makes some assumptions about manufacturers and installation costs, but it does allow visitors to get ballpark pricing for hundreds of combinations of window styles and frame types.”

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Basics

By adding the style and frame type, we can get a pretty good baseline price on the window itself. This isn’t how most manufacturers comes up with pricing per se, but it does allow you to mix and match hundreds of combinations of styles and frames.

Here are some pricing examples:

If you select a casement with a composite frame – $225 + $150 for a total of $375.

If you select a double-hung with a vinyl frame – $150 + $100 for a total of $250.

If you select a thermal window with a uPVC frame – $175 + $125 for a total of $300.

After Step 1, we have the baseline pricing for the window itself.

Window Replacement Cost Range

Getting baseline pricing is good, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. For instance, an Andersen 400 Series Double Hung Wood Tilt-Wash costs $530 for the window itself, a far cry from the baseline cost of $325. That is why we ask you to select a manufacturer and multiply this to our baseline price to come closer to the actual cost for the window itself.

Entry level selections keep the baseline price unchanged. Mid range multiplies the baseline by 1.4 and High End multiplies the baseline by 1.7. In the case of the Andersen window, $325 x 1.7 equals $552, which is close to the actual cost.

After Step 2, we have the price for the window by style, frame and level of manufacturer.

Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

Window Installation Costs

Our window replacement cost estimator determines install costs by the number of windows selected. Simple inserts adds $100 per window, standard install is $150, full frame is $350 and historic home installation is $250 per window.

After Step 3, we have the total installed price on a single window.

Number of Windows

Here we simply multiply the window and installation price totals by the number of windows need for a project.

After Step 4, we have the complete project price.

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Accuracy

How accurate is the calculator? There is no such thing as perfect accuracy due to the fact that each home is different. For instance, homes made prior to 1978 require lead testing, which adds to the project cost. Some homes require exterior vinyl or aluminum capping, which can add $600 to $800 for a normal sized home. Residential homes in urban areas are more expensive than rural areas because of the overall cost of labor and even material costs. Frames and sills that require extra work are going to have a much higher