Champion Windows Prices & Costs

Champion windows prices range from $550 to $850 for a normal sized double hung window and standard installation. This puts them in the mid to high end of vinyl window prices. They are great quality windows even though they don’t make the top ten list. They handle the full installation using their own installers, which is a huge bonus. The biggest disadvantage has to be the price. You can choose the solid glass package which you can often get at a decent price and it’s not a bad selection. The windows themselves are certainly decent, but not a high end window like an Okna 500, Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Sunrise Vanguard or Restorations.

Basics Of Champion Windows Prices & Costs

Champion has one line of vinyl window that they make as a slider, double or single hung, garden or picture window. They come standard with a Comfort 365 glass (this is a double pane Cardinal 366 glass relabel) and window ratings of U-factor .29, SHGC .19 and air Infiltration .17. These are respectable numbers. The company does their own installation, which can be looked at as either a good thing (the installer knows how to install Champion windows and if something does go wrong there is no question who is at fault) or as a bad thing (the company bundles their decent but not great window with professional installation and charges a higher price). For additional information on the company and their product, see Champion windows reviews.

You can get both single and double hung windows through Champion, who sell their own windows. The Best Window Series is their only window series with the majority of the choices using a double pane glass with decent performance numbers. The ratings include a SHGC of 0.19, a U-Factor of 0.29 and an AI of 0.17. These windows are comparable to the Great Lakes Uniframe.

Target Price: $550 to $850 installed

Explore Homeowner Pricing Information

35 DH, 1 Picture, 1 Palladian, 1 Roundtop
Dimensions: Varied
Cost: $24,000 ($648 average each)
Bid price included professional install.
Location: Metro Atlanta
Bid on project from 2011.

11 DHs (with internal grids)
Dimensions 32″W x 45″H (3), 32″W x 65″H (8)
Prices: $8,800 ($790 each)
Included professional install.
Location: N/A
Bid price from 2010.

4 Vinyl Sliders, 5 Vinyl Double Hungs, 1 Large Vinyl Picture, 2 Casements
Dimensions: Varied
Pricing: $11,200 ($933 average per)
Bid price included professional installation.
Location: Milwaukee Area
Bid price from 2010.

16 Double Hungs
Dimensions: Half were 36″W x 73″H
Cost: $9,600 ($600 each)
Included company install.
Location: Wisconsin
Project completed in 2009.

17 Double Pane Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: Standard sized
Prices: $470 each
Bid included install portion of project.
Location: Milwaukee
Bid price from 2008.

10 Single Hung Windows
Dimensions: Varied
Costs: $470 each
Included install by Champion.
Location: Tennessee
Bid price from 2008.

15 Replacement Sliders
Dimensions: 48″W x 36″H
Pricing: $430 each
Included installation.
Location: Massachusetts.
Project completed in 2008.

Additional Champion Windows Prices

7 DH Specialty Custom Clip Corner Windows
Dimensions: Varied
Prices: $8,300 ($1185 average per)
Pricing included installation.
Location: Peabody, Massachusetts
Bid from 2007.

7 Double Hungs (double pane, aluminum spacer, krypton fills)
Dimensions: Standard
Pricing: $485 each ($455 if homeowners posts sign in yard)
Included company installation.
Location: PA
Bid price from 2007.

13 Double Hung Vinyl
Dimensions: 66″W x 40″H
Price: $685 each
Install included in pricing.
Bid price from 2006.

14 Double Hung, 9 Sliders, 4 Bay Windows
Dimensions: Varied
Costs: Averaged $550 each
Included install pricing.
Location: Atlanta, GA Suburb
Bid price from 2005.