Sunrise Windows Prices And Costs

Sunrise windows prices are towards the high end of the window replacement cost spectrum and will range from say $550 to $950 fully installed. The company was purchased back in 2016 by MI Windows, which doesn’t enjoy the same reputation as Sunrise. For the most part, Sunrise has been left alone by their parent company to make the same high quality vinyl windows as they always have.

— Basic Price Range: $550 to $950 installed —

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Sunrise Essentials Windows Cost

The Sunrise Essentials is their entry level vinyl window, which uses a slimmer frame extrusion that the other vinyl windows offered by Sunrise. While less expensive, the Essentials delivers less impressive Sunrise windows ratings: 0.30 for U-value, 0.56 for visible transmittance, and 0.10 air infiltration. The Essentials can be ordered as a fixed framed window, double hung or as a horizontal slider.

Target Price – $550 installed

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Sunrise Classic Cost

The Sunrise Classic window is a nice upgrade over the Sunrise Essentials. The Classic, which FYI is usually just called the Sunrise vinyl window, uses a stronger frame extrusion over their entry level Essentials and includes some very nice features and components. Homeowners can expect the following Sunrise Windows Ratings with a standard low-e glass package: AI – .07, U-factor – .28, SHGC – .48, and VT – .58. The Sunrise series is a very good vinyl window and would be on my list of recommended vinyl windows.

Target Price – $750 installed

Sunrise Ultra U Plus

14 Casements And Sliders
Dimensions: Varied (Pocket Install)
Price Quote: $18K
Included Install
State: Detroit, MI
Project Bid from 2023

Sunrise Verde Windows Cost

The Sunrise Verde series is the Sunrise Classic window — plus four upgraded features. These include a foam wrap, foam filled chambers, the Solar Clean glass pakcage, and the fiber core reinforcement. The Sunrise Verde window will not be available through all Sunrise window dealers — instead it is often considered a specialty model that is sold by exclusive dealers.

Target Price – $850 installed

Sunrise Verde Window Costs

1 Sliding Door
Dimensions: 72×80
Price Quote: $2750
Included Install
State: Pennsylvania
Project Bid from 2022

Sunrise Verde Series

17 Windows
Dimensions: Various Sizes
Price Quote: $11.5K
Included Install
State: Pennsylvania
Project Bid from 2022

Sunrise Vanguard Windows Cost

Target Price – $850 installed

Sunrise Restorations Windows Cost

Target Price – $950 installed

Restorations Price Quote

7 Double Hungs And Casements
Sizes: Normal
Cost: $6.8K
Included All
Area: Louisville, Kentucky
Project Price Quote from 2023

Sunrise Restorations Prices

22 Double-hungs / Casements
Dimensions: Quite Varied
Price Quote: $14.2K
Included Install
State: Maryland
Project Bid from 2016

Sunrise VClass Window

Target Price – $90 installed

Sunrise Coastal Impact Window

Target Price – $1500 installed

Sunrise Solace Window

Target Price – $950 installed

Sunrise Vanguard Costs Quote

We have been collecting bids on 2 sliding glass doors and 22 windows. This is what we have so far.

Sunrise Vanguard Cost Quote: $40K

Marvin Elevate Cost Quote: $45K

Shaila – Homeowner – from 2023