How Much Does A Replacement Window Cost

How much does a replacement window cost? It’s an important question considering there’s a big difference between paying $189 and $1000 – and this doesn’t include the price of installation. However, it’s a difficult question due to the many price factors that can affect mow much you pay for your replacements.

General Price Range

What do replacement windows really cost? Well, that depends on a number of factors. Most replacements typically run between $300 – $1000 per, which includes some form of window installation. For an average home that has around 20 windows, that equates to around $6000 – $20,000 for the entire home.

Do It Yourself Installation

The average cost for a contractor to install a replacement window is $100 to $150 per opening. This assumes that there is nothing complicated with the frame, jambs and sills; no extensive framing, wood rot, frame warping, mold issues etc. Unless you are an experienced DIYer, it is usually best that you leave the installation to a professional.

Size & Dimension

As you would expect, the larger the window, the more it typically costs. If you require custom sizes or shapes, prices can increase dramatically compared to standard sizes. Most companies that come out to your home will measure all of the replacements and mark down the sizes in order to provide customers with an accurate price estimate.

Frame Type

The frame type you choose will affect the price as well. For example, wood frames are typically more expensive than vinyl frames, and also require more maintenance so they continue to cost you more money over the life of the window. Most replacement windows are vinyl due to their relatively lower cost and lower maintenance needs.

Energy Efficiency

There are numerous factors that go into making replacement windows more or less efficient, including the window frames you opt for, as well as options such as double or triple paned glass, gas fills, low-e coatings, and more. As a general rule of thumb, the more energy efficient features, the more expensive the final cost.

Hardware Options

As noted, there are numerous options available that make them more efficient, including gas fills, glass coatings, double or triple pane glass, and more. But there are other options available as well that can affect the cost. Items like tilting panes (which make it easier for you to clean the outside of the window), mullions, pulls and locks, screens etc. All of these will affect the price to some degree.


As with most other products, prices typically differ among window manufacturers. Some brands, like Andersen and Marvin, are more expensive than other brands, but they are also considered to be higher quality manufacturers. If cost is an issue, you will need to decide if you are better off selecting a higher quality manufacturer with less added features, or opting for a lower quality brand that allows you to select more options and features. Top brands usually equate to higher quality, but you will pay a premium for the well-known name associated with it.

Geographic Location

Where you live will affect the price, especially when it comes to installation costs. Areas that typically see higher costs of living, such as urban areas, will also have higher replacement window costs. In certain states known for higher contractor fees (such as California and New York), you can expect to pay more for this home improvement project.

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