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Soundproof windows are used in conjunction with other styles to provide an effective sound barrier against exterior noises. They are a good option for people living in locations prone to loud noises. Since they are used together with a home’s existing window, they do not require the existing window to be removed

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“Installing soundproof windows can increase the enjoyment of your home by reducing noise and distractions from outside and can improve quality of life. As an added bonus, they can also improve the energy efficiency of existing windows and can block out harmful UV rays.”

Basics Of Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows are installed on the interior of the existing window and are intended to reduce exterior noise from entering the home. Essentially, the soundproof window is 2 sheets of glass with lamination in between. Once installed, the dead airspace between the original glass and the soundproof glass reduces the sound transfer. Depending on what you buy, noise can be reduced by as much as 95%. They do not change how the windows operates, opening and closing to allow in fresh air. Most are laminated, so they also block UV rays and can improve energy efficiency.

Window Glass Thickness

Window glass is available in different thicknesses (0.25″, 0.50″ ans 0.75″), which will provide a slight noise reduction for the thicker glass. Manufacturers and window companies may push the thicker glass as a way to upsell, but the glass thickness is not the main sound reducer. Instead, it is the dead air space between the panes – 3″ between is an ideal spacing.

Alternative Soundproof Window Method – The Plug

Another way to soundproof your window is by putting a removable 2″ thick foam plug onto a box frame which then fits on the window sill. The box is placed in the window with the foam side facing outward. This cuts sound and sunlight, which is great for nights but not during the days.

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Cost Of Soundproof Windows

The cost of soundproof windows will vary depending on where you buy them from, the size you select, and whether you install them yourself or not. If you go to a local home improvement store, you can purchase the glass and laminate needed to soundproof and do it yourself for $75 to $600. Professional window installation yourself, you’ll have to add in the cost of installation. Purchasing name-brand products can run you as much as $400 – $900 each.

Advantages Of Soundproof Windows

The biggest and most obvious advantage is that they reduce the amount of noise that enters the dwelling, sometimes as much as 95%. In addition to noise reduction, they also can reduce BTU loss by as much as 50% over double-panes or over 75% over single-panes. The laminated material can also reduce the entrance of harmful UV rays from the sun by around 99%. The added airspace also provides an insulative value. As an added bonus, soundproof windows are easy to install, requiring no replacement or removal of an existing window.

Disadvantages Of Soundproof Windows

There really aren’t many disadvantages to installing them, except for the added cost. If you don’t need the noise reduction, then there is really no reason for them. They do open and close like normal windows, but the laminated glass does take something away from the aesthetics (at least according to lots of homeowners).

Popular Manufacturers

It is best to explore different soundproof window manufacturers as there are variations in design that homeowners may prefer. There are a few manufacturers that offer soundproof windows. These include:

Soundproof Windows

These are placed on the interior of an existing windows to provide superior soundproofing, as well as insulation. They operate along with your existing windows and are relatively easy to install. They are available in a variety of color options, allowing homeowners to change the interior look of their windows.

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The company’s Quiet Line™ windows can reduce noise by around 30%. In addition to noise reduction, they also enhance energy efficiency and provide weather protection. They are made of vinyl, come in a wide selection of custom sizes and carry a full lifetime warranty.

These offer a reduction of noise, drafts and dirt by as much as 99%. They also offer thermal, humidity and moisture control and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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