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Read MI windows reviews from consumers, homeowners, contractors and industry insiders. Find opinions on their different brands and product series, including CertainTeed and Xact.

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Poor Customer Service

My wife & I are currently doing all of the paperwork for the warranty on MI windows and doors. Our first impression is that they almost make it out to be a confusing process that puts the onus of responsibility on the owner themselves to prove that the fault is with the manufacturer. The windows have bad seals that have failed within four years of the install, so it seems pretty obvious that it is a manufacturing issue. They begin by transferring your call around to confuse the heck out of you so you can’t figure out who you are speaking with. Then they charge $250.00 to inspect and measure the windows and charge you shipping on top of this. The problem with this is that it took me less than 5 minutes to measure the windows and come up with the model number and determine the reason why the windows failed. I finally was connected with a supervisor where I went straight to voicemail and was not even given the name of supervisor so I could follow up. Buyer beware with this company!

Don – Homeowner – Ohio from 2012

MI Warranty

My home has 15 yr old MI windows & I was impressed with how they stood behind the warranty – in fact, it was better than many other companies I’ve dealt with. Turns out that lots of builders “buy down” the manufacturer’s warranty in order to buy them cheaper and they can then charge the customer the same price in order to increase their profit. Builders will cut corners on installation and then will blame the resulting issues on the manufacturers. So with MI, it did take a while to get the issue resolved – about 2 months from when I initially contacting them. But they eventually replaced the bad glass for free. I doubt other window companies would have replaced glass on 15 year old windows but they did. I was impressed.

Grant – Homeowner – from 2011

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MI Costs

Xact Prices: $250 to $400 installed

Certainteed Brand: $275 to $575 installed

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Additional MI Windows Reviews

Not A Fan Of MI Windows

Be sure to thoroughly check out the seals on any MI windows you buy. I purchased a condo in Northern Virginia that was obviously flipped but it seemed like they had done a good job with the upgrades. During the first rain storm of the year I literally had puddles on my sills from the windows leaking. The contractor did replace all of the lower sashes for no charge and it did stop the leaking. However, when the first snow storm hit the windows let in tons of cold air and made for a very unpleasant time. This time the contractor put in new weatherstripping, which didn’t work very well. The contractor pretty much said tough luck after that and that there was nothing more he could do because they were just poorly constructed windows.

Jimbo – Homeowner – Virginia from 2010

MI Windows Complaint

The MI warranty does not cover a lot. It does NOT cover glass breakage or any labor costs for replacements. I totally forgot to send in the warranty and now I have to deal with MI directly. Half of the windows got dirt trapped inside the panes so the company sent out replacements, which I was pretty impressed by. I’ve had more problems and now I am definitely getting the run around. The sales pitch made it sound like the windows were covered for everything – I guess it’s my fault for listening to a salesman!

Greg – Homeowner – Los Angeles from 2010