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Our replacement window cost estimator, which is located to the right here —->
can help you get a rough estimate for your project. Simply fill in your specifics on our replacement window cost estimator and find your ballpark pricing.

Basics Of Our Replacement Window Cost Estimator

As you can see, there are huge price variations in what you can pay for different window styles and types. Two of the main factors affecting coste are frame type and the manufacturer. That is how you can $225 for a vinyl double-hung from Home Depot to paying $850 for a cedar wood double-hung from Andersen (neither of these prices include the cost of installation).

How Our Replacement Window Cost Estimator Works

The types of windows all have a base price associated with them. The same goes with all of our frame types. Depending on how you answer the manufacturer question — economy, mid range or high end  — you come up with the resulting base price. Finally, we take the installation question and multiply this by the number of windows you have chosen ($100 for budget installation and $250 for high end).

Replacement Window Cost Estimator By Window Type


Range: $350 to $1,050

Bay And Bow

Range: $1,250 to $2,500 installed


Range: $350 to $1,050 installed


Range: $275 to $8,50 installed


Range: $250 to $1650 installed

Sliding or Gliding

Range: $330 to $927 installed

Single Hung Vinyl

Range: $175 to $500 installed


Range: $150 to $400 installed

Sample Prices

10 Low End Composite Awnings w/Professional Install: $4250

10 Mid Range Vinyl Double Hungs w/Professional Install: $5500

10 High End Aluminum Double Hungs w/Professional Install: $9812

Replacing Windows Cost Calculator Choices

Styles And Types

Choices: Awning, Bay or Bow, Casement, Double Hung, Fixed Frame, Hopper, Single Hung, Skylight, Storm and Thermal Windows.

Frame Types

Choices: Vinyl, Composite, PVC, Aluminum, Fiberglass and Wood.

Window Manufacturer

Choices: Economy, Mid Range and High Range.

Type of Installation

Choices: Do It Yourself or Professional Installation.

Zip Code

5 Digit Zip Code.

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