Harvey Windows

Harvey windows are headquartered in Massachusetts and are a respected regional manufacturer who produce a handful of product lines and models and styles. Many industry experts would place them in the mid range of window companies.

“One advantage of using Harvey windows is the ability to order custom windows in any shape and size desired. With several materials to choose from, they can provide a product that is ideal for any structure.”

Basics Of Harvey Windows

Harvey windows are a good sized company in the Northeast that sell their products through distributors and contractors across the region (and throughout the United States). Their produce vinyl, wood, wood clad and storm window lines. The quality of their products and prices they charge are right in the middle of the road. Their top-of-the-line Tributes are on par with say the Simonton 5500s at a comparable price point.

For opinions from both homeowners and contractors, see our Harvey windows reviews.

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Harvey Windows Prices

Window Price Range: $200 to $400

Installation Pricing: $150 to $250

Totals: $350 to $650 installed

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Harvey Classic
The Classic is their entry level and most popular vinyl window. It is considered an OK product with very standard hardware and parts. Tip: The key to insuring a good experience with an entry level product is solid installation.

Average Installed Price: $375

Harvey Tribute
The Tribute is their top shelf vinyl window line. It has a somewhat bulky frame – certainly more so than the Classic. The profile is similar to the Simonton 5500, one of the most popular windows on the market and comparable in quality.

Average Installed Price: $500

Harvey Majesty
The Majesty line is their wood clad frame (wood on the interior, aluminum on the exterior) that is available as double hungs or casement window. With several wood choices, exterior colors, and various grid options, it is one of the most customizable options they offer. The Majesty can be designed to fit into any style home and match any decor.

Average Installed Price: $550

Harvey Vigilance
The Vigilance is an impact-resistant option designed for coastal areas that are subject to storms and hurricanes. This product should be able to withstand not only winds and rain, but flying debris – ideal for high-performance need areas on the coast. They are available in several styles, including double-hung, pictures and casements.

Average Installed Price: N/A

Harvey Tru-Channel Storm Windows
Tru-Channel storm windows are custom fit to provide an exact match to your existing window. They improve your energy efficiency while adding a layer of protection for your prime glass. The Tru-Channel is easy to operate with a smooth motion and simple installation.

Average Installed Price: N/A

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