Window Warranties

The simpler and more straightforward the replacement window warranty is the better. One surefire way to simplify is to find a company that both manufactures and installs the window. That way you’re covered either way without a debate about whose fault the problem was. Because warranties are only as reliable as the company that makes it, the most important step in finding a quality option is to find a quality window company. A good company will cover all installation-related problems (including labor and materials) for at least three years. Be sure to read the actual warranty and not just take the salesman’s word for what’s in it. Discover more on the basics using our replacement window guide.

“Since the only time you really need a window warranty is when something goes wrong, finding a top-notch manufacturer for project installation not only means that any problems will be fixed but also that there won’t be a problem in the first place. Check references regarding how the company has handled service work for other customers.”

Replacement Window Warranty Factors

Unless you really know a lot about a product or service, it’s hard to determine exactly when you are getting a fair price. There are such a wide variety of window frames and features on the market that you need to do your research first so you can see what the ballpark is and set a budget. You should know what’s available, what the average prices are, and what features may or may not be beneficial for your home and climate.

The Right Features
The type of window and the energy-saving features you choose will have a dramatic impact on the price. Energy-saving and easy-cleaning features will drive up the price. In order to get the best deal in terms of both performance and price, you need to know which of these features is right for you.

However, this still doesn’t make you a window expert. In order to double check that a deal or low price doesn’t mean that corners have been cut at the cost of quality find out more about the company. Does the company have repeat business with customers buying from them time after time? Contact one or two of those customers for referrals. Finally, get the price clearly spelled out in writing.

Sample Window Warranty Information

The following is basic information on popular companies. ALWAYS read the entire warranty for specifics, exclusions, policies and procedures (because the details are in the fine print — no where is that more true than in product warranties).

Amerimax Windows
Amerimax allows one transfer of ownership from the original purchaser to another buyer of the home. Consumers have to sign the window warranty card and mail it in within 30 days of installation for it to be valid. As always, there are lots of exclusions to what is covered and consumers should read it in its entirety in order to thoroughly understand what the company is actually covering.

Materials: Limited lifetime on manufacturing defects.

Parts: Limited lifetime on parts such as balances, keepers, locks and screws.

Glass: Limited lifetime on what they consider failed glass.

Gerkin Windows
Gerkin offers a limited warranty for vinyl windows and doors on their Comfort Series. It is void if improperly installed. Defective Materials & Workmanship (residental): Limited lifetime to orginial owner.

Defective Materials & Workmanship (commercial): 10 years on frame and components.

Seals On Insulated Glass: 10 years.

Hardware & Weatherstripping: 5 years

Glass Breakage: No coverage.

Torn Screens: No coverage

Joyce Windows
Joyce offers two options of their limited lifetime warranty on both the Insulator and Heritage window lines. The standard option is the Silver Warranty, which covers manufacturer’s defects for the original buyer’s lifetime. It does not, however, transfer to a new homeowner. The Gold option is an optional upgrade which covers manufacturer’s defects for the original buyer and is transferable to new homeowners. It also includes coverage for glass breakage for the original owners and a limited 15 year glass coverage for a second homeowner.

Kohler Windows
They offer two options, terms below. As always, exclusions and limitations apply. $75 service fee for claims that end up not being Kohler windows.

Frame / Sash: 20 year or lifetime warranty.

Glass: 10 year or lifetime warranty

Hardware & Components: 5 year or lifetime warranty.

Wood & Permafinish: 5 year

Marvin Window Warranty
Marvin windows and door are backed by 20 year window warranties on the insulated glass, and other aggressive terms on the rest of their window and door features. Marvin offers such warranties because it is confident in the quality of the materials and workmanship employed in the manufacturing of their new windows, replacement windows and doors.

Renewal By Andersen
RBA offers a limited warranty that is transferable and covers the following:
Glass: 20 year limited.
Installation: 2 year limited.
Frame/Sash And Components: 10 year limited.

Silver Line
A limited lifetime warranty that covers the window, the glass and the hardware. It does not cover damage from improper installation. Because Silver Line is owned by Andersen, they probably offer professional installation, which typically includes its own terms.

Sunrise Windows

Sunrise offers a non-prorated lifetime transferable warranty that can be transferred to a new home for $50. Exclusions apply.

Frame and Sashes — Non-Prorated Lifetime & Transferable

Hardware and Parts — Non-Prorated Lifetime & Transferable

Insulated Glass — Non-Prorated Lifetime & Transferable

Screens — Non-Prorated Lifetime & Transferable

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