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Thermal Industries Windows vs. Okna

I am looking for decent windows for my townhouse. They don’t need to be the highest quality, but a decent quality at a fair price as I may be selling soon or keeping it on to rent out. I have had a look at Okna Windows and Thermal Industries and not sure which is the better option. Are there any other windows I should be considering?

Tina – Consumer – from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I would say for your project you can’t really go wrong with Thermal Industries. They are a good quality window in the middle range of the market. I don’t have much experience with Okna, though believe they are a high quality window.

Ned – Installer – from 2010

Not Recommended

I always recommend my clients consider SoftLite, HiMark and Sunrise rather than Thermal Industries or Alside Excalibur. I find both of these windows have poor performance numbers and a bad reputation. Thermal Industries windows also have an ugly pocket sill, which I don’t think will complement any home.

Holland – Installer – from 2012