American Craftsman Window Prices

American Craftsman window prices are at the low end of the vinyl window cost scale. The company is owned by Andersen, who makes wood clad windows that are quite well made and quite expensive. At some point, Andersen saw the huge growth in the vinyl replacement window market and wanted a cut. They own both AC and Silverline. Ironically, neither of these companies are known for making a quality window. They do, however, sell lots of windows due to the fact that they are sold in the big box stores, they are inexpensive and they have a name that people recognize.

“Andersen owns both American Craftsman and Silverline Windows, both of which make vinyl windows but neither of them are known for making particularly high quality vinyl windows.”

If you go to the American Craftman website, you will see the 50 Series, 70 Series and 70 Series Pro. We have included the 9500 Series because it is one of the best selling AC windows, although it has now been essentially modified into the 70 series pro.

American Craftsman 50 Series

The 50 series vinyl window is the lower end option from AC and available as a single or double hung, awning, casement, glider, bay, bow or hopper style. The 50 Series window includes dual weatherstripping, window locks and folding hardware. Buying an entry level vinyl model from one of the big box stores is probably not the best long term bang for your buck.

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American Craftsman 70 Series

The 70 series vinyl window is the upgraded option from AC and, just like the 50 Series, is available as a single or double hung, awning, casement, glider, bay, hopper or bow window. The 70 Series uses the same basic extrusion, although it does have a modified and upgraded design style. It also is available in more sizes and can be ordered as either a replacement unit or a new construction set up.

Compare the 70 Series to Ply Gem Contractor Series.

American Craftsman 9500 Series

The 9500 series vinyl window was a popular model that was generally regarded as a decent low end vinyl window from many contractors. Buyers could expect a .32 U-factor, .31 SHGC, DP45 and a .12 AI – nothing really special, but the best of the bunch in terms of American Craftsman. The thought was that with proper installation, this was the window that would do the trick for most homeowners.

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