PGT Window Prices And Impact Windows Cost

Explore PGT impact windows prices on their many options, including the 400, 2200, 2300, 2700, 2800, Winguard and PremierVue series.

PGT Windows Prices run $650 to $1800 fully installed for a normal size opening. PGT is often mentioned as one of the top 10 vinyl companies, although they are more of a regional company that is headquartered in the southwestern United States.

Is PGT Any Good? The company enjoys a good reputation for strong, durable windows that can stand up to hurricanes and big storms. Many of their series use solid design with a two-step sloped sill, which installers point to as a very good design feature.

PGT Windows Cost: Their prices are in the mid to higher range of vinyl and aluminum clad products. Read all of our PGT windows reviews to see what contractors and homeowners have to say about this manufacturer.

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PGT Impact Windows Price List

“While a PGT impact windows price list does not exist per se, we have tried to provide price ranges on all of their impact an non impact series and models.”

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PGT Windows Prices | 2200 Series

The PGT 2200 series is the entry level vinyl offering and is available as a single hung, picture or slider option. It comes standard in a 4 inch wide frame that can be orders as a replacement or a new construction model. Unlike some other manufacturers like Stanek vinyl windows or Sunrise, PGT doesn’t offer an optional wood veneer interior.

Estimated Cost: $650 to $850 installed

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PGT 2200 Series Cost

We recently received a quote on the 2200 series non impact that came out to over $1,000 a window. Does that seem right? I understand that impact windows are very pricey, but this wasn’t that – it was just a standard window.

Steve – Homeowner – from 2023

[Editor Reply]

Steve, the thing you need to remember about price quotes is that these companies are under absolutely no obligation to provide a fair and equitable bid. Often times, if a company is doing well, they might throw out some expensive bid just to see if you will bite. This could definitely be the case here. My advice is to collect a few more bids and see what other quality companies in your area come in at. I’m happy to look over your bids and give you my advice!

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

PGT 2300 Series

The 2300 series is nearly identical to the 2200, although it comes in the double hung (with a tilt in option) and includes a few nice additional features from the 2200 model. The PGT 2300 is one of the company’s most popular vinyl series. The 2300 includes a multi-chambered frame and aluminum reinforced sill for a very sturdy straight buck frame. The window comes standard with 2x strength glass. The window should get good ratings, with a .28 u-factor, .04 AI and design pressure 50.

Price Range: $800 to $1100 fully installed

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PGT 400 Series

The 400 is an upgraded vinyl window that was originally marketed as their hurricane window until they tweaked the glass package and offered it as a replacement option. Consumers can upgrade the glass package and it should work as an impact window in most areas. The 400 series can be ordered as a replacement or in new construction. A great affordable impact option.

Estimated Cost: $1000 to $1400 installed

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PGT Impact Windows Price List | Winguard Series

The WinGuard series is the official impact series from PGT that are code compliant for most coastal regions. They can be ordered in either a vinyl or aluminum clad and are one of the most popular impact options in Florida. The WinGuard series is a well designed and constructed unit that is available in a number of different styles, including a horizontal slider, casement, double hung and fixed frame. The vinyl clad option is available in either the PremierVue or the 500 Series.

Price Range: $1500 to $1800 fully installed

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PGT Winguard Prices

14 Double Hungs, 2 Half Circles
Dimensions: Varied
Price Quote: $16.6K
Included All, Plus Additional Work To Stucco And Trim
State: Orlando, FL
Project Bid from 2021

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PGT Impact Windows Price List| 2700 PremierVue Series

The 2700 and 2800 Premier Series are also impact windows that are pretty close in quality and durability to the WinGuard. The 2700 and 2800 are only available as vinyl replacements and are more limited in which distributors can sell them so they might not be available in your area. Of particular note is the 2700 series sliding door that is one of the top heavy duty sliding doors available in Florida and the southern coastal areas.

Estimated Cost: $1400 to $1700 installed

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PremierVue Cost

19 Double Hungs
Price Quote: $21.4K
Included Installation
State: Florida
Project Bid: 2024

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