Window Replacement Cost Estimator 2023

Our window replacement cost estimator, located at the right —-> is a free window cost calculator that will give you an accurate estimate for your next project.

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Select Your Window Style

There are a whole host of window styles to choose from, each of which has advantages, disadvantages and a basic price associated with it. Choose from the various options, which include double hungs, single hungs, horizontal sliders, tilt turns, awnings, bays and bows, casement windows and fixed frames.

Select Your Frame Style

Our windows cost estimator then adds the style and frame frame for a base price. Let’s say, for example, you select a double hung vinyl – our windows cost estimator adds $150 (DH) and $100 (Vinyl) for a base price of $250. This isn’t exactly how manufacturers price out their products, but this allows users to choose from over 50 different combinations of styles and frames.

Select Your Overall Budget

There are three choices; economy, mid range and high end. The economy choice does not change the price (as this is the base or entry level price). The mid range option multiplies the base price by 1.5. Using our example, the mid range price of double hung vinyl window is $375. The high end option multiplies the base price by 2.75. The high end price for the DH vinyl is $687.

Select Your Installation Grade

Do it yourself adds $25 to the number of windows selected in the next question. The professional option is a bit more complicated — it takes the manufacturer selection and assumes that if you purchase a less expensive product, then would you spend less on installation pricing. Conversely, if you choose high end manufacturer, it assumes that you would spend more money to insure the best installation. Entry level professional installation is $100 per window. Mid range professional installation is $175 each. High end professional installation is $250 each.

Select The Number Of Windows

Select the number of windows you need replaced. This simply multiplies your total by the number you select.

Experiment With The Pricing

We encourage our users to play around with our window replacement cost calculator — enter in different selections to see how the pricing is affected. We haven’t included any glass options, opting from the simple premise that mid range manufacturers use mid range glass options etc. As you can see, our window cost estimator is not perfect, but it is fairly close. You can compare pricing outcomes or use our window replacement pricing pages to get cost ranges for any style of window currently available.

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