Wincore Windows Reviews 2023

Discover 2023 Wincore windows reviews from homeowners and industry experts who know their products and customer service record. Find Wincore window pricing and costs from past customers.

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Wincore 7700 vs. Provia Endure

I’ve looked through your site and you seem to have great insight into various windows’ quality, cost and durability. I live in central IL. Hot muggy Summers and occasionally tough winters. My house was built in 1983 and still has the homes’ single pane Anderson windows. They are in need of replacement. I have narrowed my search to two quotes, and I’d like your input.

The quotes are for 26 total windows. 24 of the 26 will be double hung, one will be a picture window (I’m converting two of the double hungs that overlook the back yard into one larger picture), and the last will be either a slider with internal blinds (if I go with Provia Endure) or a double casement window with internal blinds (if I go with Wincore 7700). The quote for the Provia Endure EN600 Series 601 replacement is $20,000.

The quote for the Wincore 7700 series replacement is $17,000. That is a total price for tear out of old windows and installation of new. I believe both companies to be reputable, but the company that installs the Wincore windows only does window replacement, all day every day, and if I had to choose who I thought would do a superior installation job, I would choose them. However, again, I think both companies are capable of installing the replacement windows without issue.

Of the two windows, with the quotes provided, do you have any insight that might help me make a decision? Thank you.

Luke – Homeowner – from 2023

[Site Editor’s Response]

Luke, just on the windows themselves, the ProVia Endure is the better window. I believe they are worth the $3K upgrade cost and then some. It complicates the matter that the company for the install is the Wincore dealer. This is one of those really difficult ones to choose because I don’t know what the best recommendation is — on the flip side, these are both good windows and it sounds like both the installation companies are solid.

Given perfect installation, my pick would be the ProVia Endure though at the present price points. Sorry if this doesn’t clear things up 🙂

Brad – Site Editor – from 2023

Wincore vs. Simonton

I am curious if anyone has any opinions on Wincore windows and how they compare to Simonton Windows?

Mitch – Homeowner – from 2016

[Contractor Response]

Overall I would say they are both good windows with decent performance numbers. Wincore is not considered a top performer, but Simonton has a good reputation and is visually appealing. For the same price there are better windows out there, but either one of these are good too.

Henry – Contractor – from 2012

[2nd Contractor Response]

I have used Wincore on a number of projects and all the customers were thrilled, there were no warranty issues to complain about. The problem is that they are available from Sears, who are known for their higher prices. I would shop around and then choose according to your personal preference and budget.

Jonathan- Contractor – from 2012

Wincore vs. Vytex

I just received two quotes for window replacements. The first is for Wincore 5400 windows, which is eighty percent higher in price than the other quote, which is for the Vytex Fortis windows. I have seen samples for both and I can’t see much difference between the two, other than the price. I am looking for mid-range windows that offer quality so any advice on these two windows is appreciated.

Sandy – Homeowner – from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I would go with the Vytex Fortis if I were you. They offer good performance numbers and are overall a good design. I wouldn’t compare them to the Wincore. The Vytex come with a foam filled frame, good spacers and composite reinforcements. Just a better overall window in my opinion.

Andy – Contractor – from 2012

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Wincore Window Prices

Wincore windows will range in price from $450 to $650 fully installed.

Wincore 5400 Series Cost: $600 installed

Wincore 7700 Series Cost: $750 installed

Wincore 500 Series Cost: $700 installed

Wincore Stormforce Series Cost: $1100 installed

Wincore, Simonton or Pella

I am in the process of replacing eleven double hung windows in my home. The first sales man said that their windows are about $1,000 each, I ushered him out the door. I was amazed because his offer was the Soft-Lite windows, which I believe are a good window. Since then I had some other contractors come in and they have quoted on the Wincore 5400 and the Simonton 5050.

The Wincore estimate came in at $4,000, while the Simonton 5050 estimate is $3,800. I also got quotes on the Pella 350s at $5,900, Window World at $3,500 and Window Depot at $3,400. I think I’m going to choose the Wincore 5400’s and if I am making the wrong decision, any input would be appreciated.

Eric – Homeowner – from 2013

[Contractor Response]

If I were to rank them, I’d say the Soft-Lites are the best, but not at $1K each – that is ridiculous. The Pella 350 is actually not bad (vinyl Pella windows in the past have been horrible, but they have made some strides as of late) low end Simonton is just ok, the Wincore 5400 is decent, the Window World estimate should be tossed and I don’t know anything about window Depot.

Gary – Contractor – from 2013