OKNA Windows Reviews

Read Okna Windows reviews from homeowners, consumers and industry contractors on many of their most popular window models. These include the 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1800, and Evo Starmark series. Find additional information on Okna window prices.

Bottom Line: I like every single one of their window series – they might be the only window company where this is true. Do yourself a favor and get a bid on an Okna window.

Company Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Bill – Site Editor

Okna Windows Reviews

OKNA Windows Reviews And Company Info

Okna is based out of Bristol, Pennsylvania and has been at it since 1994. They are considered by me to be a top notch brand that rivals some of the best out there. They may not be a big company, but they are one of the best – without a doubt.

Okna makes six different series, which includes the 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1800, and Evo Starmark series. These are listed in terms of quality and cost – so the 400 is the least expensive and the Starmark will usually be the most expensive. All of the series can be ordered with a Deluxe upgrade that includes a better low-e glass and some component upgrades.

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Okna Windows Warranty

Okna offers one of the best vinyl window warranties in the business – lifetime on frame, hardware, and most of the components. I try and never give too many specifics on warranties only because I never know if the company is going to change it up or not. Best to go read the 1 to 2 page warranty on the specific series you are considering (it only takes 15 minutes)

Okna 500 Series Reviews

The 500 series is the company’s “mid range” vinyl window that achieves great performance numbers and is a definite buy in my book. I’d give this window an 8.0 out of 10 in terms of its overall quality and craftsmanship.

Bill – Website Editor

Okna 500 vs Wincore 7700

Good morning Bill, I have quotes from three supplier/installers I am comfortable with. Wincore 7700, Okna 500, Window World 6000 – they are all within a couple hundred dollars of each other. I would like your insight as to which might have an edge long term. The house is located in Northeastern PA 30 minutes northeast of Scranton. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you.

Howard – Homeowner – from 2024

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Howard, the clear winner for me is the Okna 500 series. It is the superior window to the other two and one that I like quite a bit! After that (but by quite a distance) is the Wincore 7700 series. Then the Window World 6000 options.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2024

Okna 500 Review

Hi Bill, I’ve received a couple of bids from local companies and would love to get your take on quality and craftsmanship. The first was on the Okna 500 series, and the second was on the Alside Mezzo. The Okna 500 was approximately $2500 more and we have 18 windows and one sliding patio door. Is the 500 series worth the extra cost for the bid? We plan to be in our home for 5 to 7 years and then will probably move on.

Daniel – Homeowner – from 2023

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Daniel, the Okna 500 series is the far superior option over the Alside Mezzo. However, if your timeline in the home is no more than seven years I might suggest going with the Mezzo. I don’t think the $2500 upgrade cost is worth the expense for that timeline. I would urge you to check out our Okna windows reviews page for more homeowner opinions on this brand – don’t take my word for it!

As long as the company that’s installing the Mezzo has good reviews, then I would say it’s probably better from a return on investment perspective to go with the Alside over the Okna. Having said this, if your timeline was 12 years or more in the home, then I think the upgrade cost to the Okna 500 makes a lot more sense for me. I hope this helps!

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

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Okna Windows Cost

400 Series Cost: $500 to $650 fully installed

500 Series Cost: $750 to $800 fully installed

600 Series Cost: $700 to $850 fully installed

700 Series Cost: $750 to $950 fully installed

800 Series Cost: $800 to $950 fully installed

1800 Series Cost: $850 to $1,000 fully installed

OKNA 500 vs 800

I’ve been researching Okna windows and I’d like share what I found. The Starmark Series is a thicker frame than either the 800 or 500, which I didn’t love. The 800 and 500 seem pretty similar in frame thickness to my untrained eye. On the 500, they use a slightly raised locking mechanism which you can see from the exterior and can see whether or not the window has been locked — I didn’t like this for security reasons. This wasn’t the case with the Starmark or 800.

The 800 uses smaller/shorter lifting rails which look nicer that the 500 Series. The magnetic seal on the 800 seems like a nice feature and it also use an insert on the bottom pane to lock the window more tightly than the 500.

Basically I liked the 800 more for the reasons above but it is more expensive — however, it’s only say 10% more and I felt like the increase in price was justified. The picture window of the 800 qualifies for a tax credit, while the one on the 500 does not.

Steve – Homeowner – from 2019

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Okna Windows Reviews | 700

The 700 series is simply the casement windows they make. One of the best in the business. I’d give this window a 10 out of 10 in terms of its overall quality and craftsmanship.

Okna Windows vs Soft-lite

I’m trying to decide on replacements here in northern Indiana. To sum up, I have 4 sliding doors, a bay, 2 half-moon and 11 casements of varying size, upgraded to wood-look vinyl. I feel these brands are comparable but as I have a high percentage of glass-to-wall in my home, I am greatly concerned with energy efficiency. Truly, I appreciate a professional opinion & would love any help you can provide.

Soft lite have their ‘super spacer’ but the four sliding doors will have a stainless steel spacer. The bay seatboard/headboard on the Soft-Lite seems to be 3″ vs Oknas 2″ however Okna claims the ‘heatseal spacer’ is better.

Okna 700 casements ($21380), bay ($7990), elegante doors ($14900) with deluxe glass pkg. Total quote $44270. Soft-lite Elite series casements, kingsroyal doors $40276. Their discounts came after the individual prices. Thank you!

Rebecca – Homeowner – from 2022

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Rebecca, these are both great vinyl windows and doors. I think the Okna probably has the edge based on the 700 series versus the Elite series, but the price split is about what I would expect. If you haven’t had the chance, you should read our Okna windows reviews page for more consumer opinions – I think you’ll find people really like them. Truthfully, the spacers are both good — the difference is totally negligible in my opinion.

If this were my project, I would make the call based on the quality of the installation company. Look up the companies online by googling “[company name] windows reviews” and aggregate their ratings from Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angi, etc. That should give you a pretty clear picture of the quality you can expect. The windows themselves are 50% of the equation and the company doing the work is the other 50%.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2022

Okna’s Overall Energy Efficiency

For my money, the Okna 800DX is a very high quality window. In fact, I now use the Okna and the Soft-Lite as my go to companies, although it used to be the Simonton 5500. As well, I feel that they are more energy efficient with better air infiltration numbers. My customers are very satisfied with the change for the most part.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2019

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Okna Windows vs Thermal Industries

I am looking for a decent series for my house. They don’t need to be the highest quality window, but I want a decent quality product at a fair price. I’ve looked at Okna and Thermal Industries and not sure which is the better option. Finally, are there any other brands I should be considering?

Tina – Consumer – from 2021

[Contractor Response]

I would say for your project you can’t really go wrong with Thermal Industries. They are a good quality window in the middle range of the market. I don’t have much experience with Okna, though believe they are a high quality window.

Bill – Editor – from 2020

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Okna Windows Reviews | 800

The 800 model is the company’s premium vinyl window that achieves excellent performance numbers. This is quite possibly the best vinyl window that U.S. consumers can buy. I’d give this window a 10 out of 10 in terms of its overall quality and craftsmanship.

Bill – Editor

800 Series Review

I agree that the Okna 800 is at the top of the heap in terms of best consumer vinyl windows on the market and would list it among the top 4. The U-value on the double pane is .25, it has an air infiltration of .01 and a DP rating of 60. I would put it solidly over the Simonton in general, although I do like their customer service, for what that’s worth.

To my mind, Simonton is like a Ford, it gets you where you want to go reliably, but without any features that really blow your mind. I would suggest a good comparison for Okna window would be Soft-Lite, Sunrise and Gorell.

Richard – Industry Expert – from 2009

OKNA vs Gorell

I’m partial to the Gorell products, but a well priced Okna 500 TP Series with argon fills is tough to beat. Gorell has a great reputation as a top vinyl manufacturer, but I must admit that the 500 TP beats it on paper. At the exact same price, I would say it’s a toss up between these two, but if the 500 TP comes in at a lower cost I think that would make me give it the nod. My advise is to read as many okna windows reviews as possible before you buy anything.

William – Contractor in Milwaukee – from 2011

Okna Starmark Windows Reviews

The Starmark series is Okna’s composite window – probably the best one on the market to be honest.

Okna Starmark vs 800

Thank you Bill! Okna 800 was my first choice! My husband loves the look of the Starmark though! If we decide to put the extra money – is it as good as the 800? Provia was the last on the list.

Michaela – Homeowner – from 2024

[Site Editor’s Answer]

The Starmark is excellent — the best composite window on the market. If you plan to be in your home long term, that’s probably the call!

Bill – Site Editor – from 2024

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