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Okna Windows Are High Quality

For my money, the Okna 800DX is a very high quality window. In fact, I now use the Okna and the Soft-Lite as my go to companies, although it used to be the Simonton 5500. I feel that they are more energy efficient with better air infiltration numbers. My customers are very satisfied with the change for the most part.

Dale – Window Dealer – from 2011

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Thermal Industries Windows vs. Okna

I am looking for decent windows for my house. They don’t need to be the highest quality window, but I want a decent quality product at a fair price. I’ve looked at Okna and Thermal Industries and not sure which is the better option. Are there any other windows I should be considering?

Tina – Consumer – from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I would say for your project you can’t really go wrong with Thermal Industries. They are a good quality window in the middle range of the market. I don’t have much experience with Okna, though believe they are a high quality window.

Ned – Installer – from 2010

OKNA Window Series

I’ve been researching Okna windows and I’d like share what I found. The Starmark Series is a thicker frame than either the 800 or 500, which I didn’t love. The 800 and 500 seem pretty similar in frame thickness to my untrained eye. On the 500, they use a slightly raised locking mechanism which you can see from the exterior and can see whether or not the window has been locked — I didn’t like this for security reasons. This wasn’t the case with the Starmark or 800.

The 800 uses smaller/shorter lifting rails which look nicer that the 500 Series. The magnetic seal on the 800 seems like a nice feature and it also use an insert on the bottom pane to lock the window more tightly than the 500.

Basically I liked the 800 more for the reasons above but it is more expensive — however, it’s only say 10% more and I felt like the increase in price was justified. The picture window of the 800 qualifies for a tax credit, while the one on the 500 does not.

Steve – Homeowner – from 2009

OKNA 800 Review

I agree that the Okna 800 is at the top of the heap in terms of best consumer vinyl windows on the market and would list it among the top 4. The U-value on the double pane is .25, it has an air infiltration of .01 and a DP rating of 60. I would put it solidly over the Simonton in general, although I do like their customer service, for what that’s worth. To my mind, Simonton is like a Ford, it gets you where you want to go reliably, but without any features that really blow your mind. I would suggest a good comparison for Okna window would be Soft-Lite, Sunrise and Gorell.

Richard – Industry Expert – from 2009

OKNA vs Gorell

I’m partial to the Gorell products, but a well priced Okna 500 TP Series with argon fills is tough to beat. Gorell has a great reputation as a top vinyl manufacturer, but I must admit that the 500 TP beats it on paper. At the exact same price, I would say it’s a toss up between these two, but if the 500 TP comes in at a lower cost I think that would make me give it the nod. Bill – Window Contractor in Milwaukee – from 2011

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