Average Cost To Replace Windows

Find the average cost to replace windows which includes mostly vinyl window frames. This page is meant to provide users with specific mid range priced replacement windows that will perform well and provide nice long term value. This, of course, assumes good, professional installation from a quality company.

Standard Frame From Sunrise

The Standard frame from Sunrise has a better extrusion from the lower end Essentials Series. It does not include some of the upgrades (reinfroced fiberglass sash or sash tilt locking features) included on the Verde or Restorations models (which is reflected in the lower cost). Like these more expensive models, the Standard frame includes frame finish color options and a variety of glass package options.

Fair Price: $475 (installed)

5100 Series From Gorell

The 5100 is quite a decent window and offers solid value and aesthetics for a vinyl window. It is Gorell’s mid range vinyl frame that offers comparable performance numbers to their top of the line 5300 Series. One nice feature is a slightly thinner frame from the 5300 which means more viewing area and more light in. Within the 5100 Series, the 5155 Model offers a reinforced meeting rail and a one piece sloped sill, which is a nice design feature. Expect the AI to come in right around .17.

Fair Price: $500 (installed)

Craftsman Portrait Series From Amerimax

The Craftsman Portrait from Amerimax has triple weatherstripper, double strength glass and a good Super Spacer. The frame is considered somewhat bulky (not a bad thing), even sightlines on the frame and a 20 year warranty on labor and materils. Expect a U factor around .29, which is a nice number.

Fair Price: $500 (installed)

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Mid Range Costs & Prices

Installed mid range costs range in price from $475 to $600 for top vinyl performers in the market. All of these selection offers great value and good performance numbers. They aren’t the cheapest vinyl options on the market, but they offer as good a value as almost anything on the market.

Imperial Pro From Soft-Lite

The Imperial Pro from Soft-Lite is a very good vinyl window that uses foam fills in the frame, has double strength glass, a screen that locks in place, sash reinforcements and a good balance cover. The window is certainly a step up from the Barrington Series and has a strong frame that uses a great sill design. The Imperial Pro is probably not as good as the LS (see below) – it differs from the LS in that the Pro has a slightly thinner frame, which means more glass area, but not as strong a frame. Expect the U factor to come in around .28, which is very respectable.

Fair Price: $525 (installed)

Relections 5500 Series From Simonton

Our final mid range vinyl window is the Reflections 5500 from Simonton. The 5500 is one of their top of the line models and uses a fairly bulky frame and incldues a Super Spacer, 366 glass package and double strength glass,. Expect an AI of .17 and a U factor around .17 – these are probably the best numbers at this price point and is the result of the bulkier frame.

Fair Price: $525 (installed)

500 Series From Okna

The 500 Series from Okna is their mid range vinyl frame that has some nice upgrades from their entry level 400 Series. It uses a stronger sill wall and uses an upgraded spacer. The end result is a solid window with good numbers – expect an AI of .02 and a DP50. This is a very good choice for the price and Okna enjoys a very good reputation among industry professionals. Fair Price: $550 (installed)

Imperial LS From Soft-Lite

The LS is a step up from the Pro and will generally cost around $75 more per window. The welds are stronger on the LS and the frame is slightly bulkier, resulting in a stronger extrusion. The LS has triple weatherstripping, a stronger sill reinforcement and an Intercept Spacer between the panes of glass. Performance wise, the Pro and LS are similar, although the AI on the LS is going to be a bit lower and therefore let in a bit less air (probably not noticeable to most homeowners). While the LS is a step below the Soft-Lite Elements, it is a very good window that should perform well for most homeowners.

Fair Price: $600 (installed)