Simonton Windows Reviews 2022

Our Simonton windows reviews provides past customer, contractor and industry professionals opinions on their vinyl window series, customer service and pricing. These are opinions within the community on costs, success or frustrations they have felt dealing with this window company and their product lines.
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Simonton Windows Reviews

Simonton is considered by many to produce good windows and replacements. JD power and Associates has rated Simonton #1 by in the past for Customer Satisfaction. With the Simonton product line, there does not seem to be much complaint about the following: Simonton 5500, Low-e, argon filled, fully welded, full screen window. One knock on their products is the vinyl window welds, which many installers consider to be ugly. Some contractors and installers have also had issues with the strength of these Simonton welds.

Simonton 5050 Series

I remodeld my house 5 years ago and used Simonton 5050 windows, maybe 14 in all. I did all of the work myself (I’m not a licensed contractor but have quite a bit of experience with home improvement projects). About half of the windows get exposure to a fair amount of rain and wind, so it was important that the windows didn’t leak etc. To date, none of the windows have leaked water or air and we have had no issues with them. They are your run-of-the-mill Simonton windows – double pane, double hungs, no uv coating or argon/krypton fills. I read these forums and am astounding by how many people have leaks or drafts and it seems like it must be installation related.

Steve – Ohio from 2012

Simonton Or Don Young

We’re in the Dallas area and can’t decide between some of the better vinyl options like Sunrise windows and Simonton or whether we need to go with aluminum windows. I currently have a Don Young window from two years ago and it has been great. Any advice is appreciated.

Brad – Homeowner – from 2012

Contractor Response

Don Young makes a great thermally broken aluminum window – especially their single hung. If the windows are large, I’d go aluminum without a doubt. If they are smaller than say 36″ by 72″, then vinyl windows should certainly be in the mix. Some options in your area include Soft-Lite, Sunrise and Simonton – with the Simonton you are going to need to go with a sash reinforcement upgrade. The other thing about Simontons in Texas is that their products are sold though wholesalers, which means that anyone with a pick up truck can turn around and sell them to homeowners, regardless of whether they specialize in installing replacement windows.

Steve – Contractor – from 2012

Customer Complaint

In the beginning 2010, I purchased 8 Simonton replacements and had them installed by a licensed contractor (who was city approved, whatever that means). The windows were large Simonton Prism Platinum, triple paned with foam insulation and super spacers. I had problems within a month of installation — on all of the larger casement windows, I can’t get the window to open unless I physically move it. The vinyl frame twists enough in warm weather that the locking mechanism won’t open — any hotter and the whole window is locked up and can’t be budged. I’ve had seals blown, pop out — it’s a nightmare. It just feels like the entire window assembly is a joke! The contractor won’t return my calls because he obivously doesn’t want to deal with it (or his share in the problems). Simonton doesn’t even take customer calls so they are no help to me.

Bob – Central Wisconsin from 2011

Simonton vs Polaris

I feel the Polaris UltraWeld is a great window. When it comes to bay or bow windows, Polaris is the best, even when you compare them to known windows like Simonton. Their energy efficiency is excellent, they are visually appealing and have good performance numbers.

What I have noticed is that they now offer a super spacer and their u-factor has improved to .28. Personally I have always preferred the stainless steel spacers and Polaris now offer this in their Ultraweld design, making these strong and durable. What many people don’t realize is that stainless steel has low conductivity and many window companies say they have stainless steel spacers, when in fact they have tin plated steel spacers, so watch out for that.

Matt – Installer – from 2011

Simonton vs. Reliabilt

I am looking for windows for my home in Southern California. Later on I am heading over to a local glass store that supplies Milgard, I am hoping this will give me some insight into the windows available in my area. Hopefully they have some other brands to choose from such as Reliabilt, PlyGem and Simonton. Any lumberyards that were in the area have closed by now, which leaves me pretty limited on the options available.

Dillan – Past Customer – 2010

[Installers Reply]
Try and get some more information on the Simonton Asure range. While they are newer windows, they are good quality and much better than Reliabilt. Personally I would choose PlyGem or Milgard over Reliabilt or Atrium any day. Also go for vinyl. Most vinyl companies will offer a lifetime warranty on all their windows, not all companies offer the same warranty, so pay careful attention to this. Lowes has a PlyGem window and they are reasonably priced. I’ve tried the lumberyards in my area, but they don’t have the vinyl windows available, which are the ones with a better warranty and minimal maintenance.

Melvin – Installer – 2010

Opinion From An Industry Insider

I live in Southern California and sell fifteen different window brands so I get to see how they stack up year after year. I think Simonton offers the best value for warranty, price and features – I particularly like the Super Spacers they use. I also like Milgards for the most part, but dislike the fact that they have no warranty covering glass breakage and think their rollers are horrible.

Bryan, Window Seller in Southern California from 2008

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Quality Of Simontons

I am very confused by consumers who say that their Simontons have air and water gushing in after they put in their windows. Completely confused! Do people check the installers reputation and credentials before letting them into their homes? I work at a building supply company here in Northern Pennsylvania – we carry Simontons, along with a number of other brands. The weather in this area is pretty extreme, from cold weather below 0 in the winters to well into the 90s in the summers. I’ve never had a major issue on any Simontons. That’s not to say I haven’t had customer complaints, but they were all taken care of by Simonton. The fact is there are customers who complain about everything – some justified, others laughable. We’ve sold well of 200K in Simonton windows this year alone and I haven’t had to squabble with them over anything that’s come up. I’m impressed with the quality of their windows and they take care of problems that come up. As to whether to “buy” their high rating in JD Power & Associates, it is awarded for customer satisfaction, which is really just a survey of customers, I don’t see how it can be suspect…

Jason – Building Supplier – in Pennsylvania from 2010

Simonton vs Alliance

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Alliance are the worst windows on the market right now. When you look at how much you will pay for them, there are definitely better options available, such as Gorell windows, Simonton and Sunrise. If I had to mention the worst windows, I would say it’s Pella, they have poor performance numbers and they are very expensive. If Alliance is the only window available in your area then it’s good to know you could do worse.

Randy – Installer – from 2010

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Simonton vs. Heartland

I can’t fault Heartland. They offer superior customer service, they are heavier than many of the other windows on the market and they use the latest technology hardware. SoftLiteon the other hand is a basic window in my opinion and perfect if you’re looking for a budget window. Simonton do manufacture good quality windows but you need to ensure you choose the right series to get the quality you are paying for. What do other people think?

Holden – Consumer – from 2009

[Contractor Response]
One of the Heartland windows uses a Mikron extrusion with cable support. Over the years I have only had one or two problems with these particular windows and both times they were replaced quickly and without fuss. Simonton is always a good choice, while they may not be the highest grade, they are a name you can trust in the middle range bracket. Soft-Lite windows have recently been upgraded and appear to have some of the best performance numbers available right now.

Andy – Installer – from 2009

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