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Our Gentek windows reviews can help consumers get a better understanding of how other homeowner opinions on their products and windows. A little bit of research on buying replacements can save a lot of time and money later on.

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Gentek Windows Reviews | #1

We’ve had Gentek windows on our house for years and I’ve mostly been happy with them. We never had any issues with frost or leaks. We did have a small problem with the release latches. They worked for a long time but after a while, the little plastic tabs broke. When the window opened all the way the plastic part hit the stopper above it and eventually it just wore out. Those exact latches aren’t made any more and I think the replacement ones are sturdier.

After my latches broke I tried to get the window company that installed them to come out and fix it. After several weeks I couldn’t get a response so I sent an email to Gentek. I got an answer in just a few minutes and the lady I talked to was awesome. She sent me free replacements and walked me through the installation. The customer service was excellent and I was really impressed.

Will – Consumer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – from 2010

Gentek Windows Reviews | #2

We had Gentek windows put into our home two years ago. We didn’t have any problems at first but a few weeks ago we started having tons of condensation on all of our windows. It’s about 25 degrees warmer inside than out, so we turned down the humidifier but it didn’t help. I called the contractor who put them in and he said the house was too warm but I can’t turn it up. I have breathing problems when it’s too hot and I never had condensation problems before. I don’t know if it’s anything wrong with the windows or poor installation or something else.

Gail – Consumer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – from 2010



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Gentek Windows Cost

Gentek window prices range from $350 to $550 fully installed.

Gentek Concord Plus Costs: $350 installed

Gentek Signature Elite Costs: $450 installed

Gentek Sequoia Select Costs: $550 installed

Gentek Patio Door Costs: $1800 to $3200 installed

Gentek Windows Reviews | #3

We purchased the Gentek Signature Series over 7 years ago and haven’t had any problems. I even told my cousin to use these when he was building his house. I do live in south Georgia so I’m not going to have issues with frost much anyway, but we do have some hard driving rains and I’ve never found any evidence of leaks. Condensation hasn’t been an issue either.

Ronnie – Consumer in Georgia – from 2009

Gentek Windows Reviews | #4

I replaced my windows with Genteks in 2008 and they have been okay. We haven’t had any frost or leak problems but we did have have one that didn’t fit well. The measurements were off by about half an inch, which doesn’t seem like much but it didn’t seal right. The manufacturer was great, though, and they sent out someone who replaced the bad window and they also gave us a discount on the others we had bought. It was irritating but I was happy with the way the company handled it.

Eric – Consumer in Alabama – from 2008