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Making claims about the best vinyl windows on the market is tricky business. We asked industry experts to give their own opinions on the best vinyl windows on the market. We will continue to add additional expert opinions to give consumers a variety of views and opinions.

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Quality Replacement Window Companies

Best Vinyl Windows | Editor’s Take

These are in no particular order (I actually listed them alphabetically). The right window for a particular customer will vary by company and the price quote. The real issue is that not all of these will be available in a particular area or city. In addition, distributors can be all over the board in terms of what they charge for the same window. This is one reason why comparing quotes is so important.

Anlin Del Mar
Harvey Tribute
Ideal Majestic
Ideal Platinum 3000
Okna 800 Series
Okna 600 Series
Soft-Lite Elements
Soft-Lite Imperial LS
Polaris UltraWeld
ProVia Endure
Sunrise Restorations
Sunrise Vanguard
Sunrise Verde
Vytex Fortis Series
Vytex Potomac-HP

Editor’s Picks

Best Vinyl Windows | Not Too Expensive

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait
Anlin Catalina
Anlin Coronado
Harvey Classic
Okna 400 Series
Okna 500 Series
PGT 2300
PGT 5400
Polaris ThermalWeld
ProVia Aspect
Simonton Impressions 9800
Simonton Reflections 5500
Soft-Lite Classic
Soft-Lite Pro
Sunrise Classic
Vytex Fortis
Wincore 7700
Zen Nirvana
Zen Lotus

Editor’s Picks

Best Vinyl Windows | West Coast

I sell replacement windows in California and rank them in terms of windows, warranty and service. I would say the top four are very close in product quality, warranty and service. Once you get below those four the service and warranties become issues. As far as pricing, the best (lowest window cost) would probably be Amerimax and the Tuscany Series from Milgard. The Amerimax have lots of bells and whistles – the Tuscany has to be upgraded to include these same features. Obviously my advice to consumers is to make sure that the installer knows the window and has lots of experience installing them and doesn’t cut corners.

1. Anlin
2. Amerimax
3. Milgard
4. Simonton

5. Atrium

Jim – Window Distributor – in Los Angeles, California from 2024

Affordable Options

In my area, this would be a partial list in no particular order that should be in the price range of most consumers. My advise would be stick with the mid range model, not the entry level and not the top-of-the-line (unless you can afford it). The mid grade model will typically provide homeowners with the best long term value. Never underestimate how important the actual installation is – a bad install can make the best window

1. Great Lakes
2. Vinylax
3. Okna
4. Sunrise
5. PGT

Max – Window Contractor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Consumer Reports Top Picks

The following are the most up to date reviews according to Consumer Reports. Notice how much they differ from the top rated windows above. We advise readers to read our consumer and contractor replacement windows reviews section before making any purchase. For instance, Certainteed shows up in both lists (although different models), however because Certainteed does not manufacture their windows (they only make the vinyl extrusions) there are big variations in quality, which can affect the overall quality of product that a homeowner would install in their home.

Survivor Reliabilt 5600 (from Lowe’s)
Consumer Reports Rating: 73
Price: $180

Alside UltraMaxx Replacement
Consumer Reports Rating: 70
Price: $395
Alside Windows Reviews

American Craftsman 9500 Series (from Home Depot)
Consumer Reports Rating: 69
Price: $220
American Craftsman Windows Reviews

CertainTeed Bryn Mawr II
Consumer Reports Rating: 63
Price: $250
Reviews On Certainteed

CertainTeed New Castle XT (Similar to Bryn Mawr II)
Consumer Reports Rating: 63
Price: $250

Crestline CrestFit Vinyl
Consumer Reports Rating: 61
Price: $255

Pella ThermaStar 25 Series
Consumer Reports Rating: 44
Price: $215
Reviews On Pella

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