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Our Kohler windows reviews present user reviews on Kohler replacement windows and new construction windows. These are opinions within the community on Kohler window prices, costs, success or frustrations they have felt dealing with this window company and their product lines.

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Kohler Window Warranty Question

Good morning, my name is Jill and I bought a 2004 Hospitality Homes Canadian modular second hand located in Maine. I have a couple of Kohler windows that need replacing. Is that something that is under warranty? My big picture window is very foggy between the glass with a couple of other regular bathroom and kitchen windows that are doing the same thing on the top part. Thank you.

Jill – Homeowner – from 2021

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Jill, I did a quick search and found Hammond Lumber Company in Calais Maine that sells Kohler windows. I would call them up and ask them about your issue or see if you can gather for some contact information for Kohler. It should be under warranty, but there are lots of ins and outs that can affect the warranty status of your window. Hopefully, this is a start!

Dane – Site Editor – from 2021

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Kohler Window Prices

Kohler Windows: $400 to $700 installed

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Kohler Windows Complaint

My home is a Kent home built in 1992. It has Kohler windows which have lost the gas between the panes of glass as a result they are cloudy with moisture between the panes. What type of warranty would be on these windows?

Catherine – Homeowner – from 2021

Site Editor’s Reply

Catherine, Kohler Windows is now part of Kohltech Windows And Doors. My suggestion would be to google “Kohltech windows in [your city and state]. See what companies come up that might sell these windows in your area.

It’s possible that they say they no longer service warranty claims from Kohler Windows, but I have no idea. If you can’t get any relief from them, you may need to hire someone to repair the windows yourself.

Steve – Site Editor – from 2017