Anlin Windows Prices & Costs 2024

Explore Anlin windows prices and costs (updated in 2024) from this well known window vinyl window manufacturer on their most popular series. We’ve included price points on the Del Mar, Catalina and more – scroll down to find consumer price quotes, as well as cost recommendations.

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Company Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Price Point: 6 to 8.5 out of 10

Bill — Site Editor

Anlin Windows Prices

Anlin Windows Price List

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Anlin Windows Prices

Monte Verde Costs: $650 installed

Panoramic Costs: $700 installed

Catalina Costs: $750 installed

Coronado Costs: $800 installed

Del Mar Costs: $850 installed

Ali’i Extreme Costs: $750 installed

Malibu Patio Door Costs: $2500 to $5000 installed

Anlin Del Mar Series Cost

The Del Mar series is the company’s premium vinyl window. It is available in an array of styles and comes standard with some great components and upgrades. The best way to describe the Del Mar series is an upgraded Catalina series with a brick mold look and extra custom options. The Del Mar comes with double strength glass, super spacer, ventilation latch, even sight lines and a frame with 2.75″ depth and 0.080 extrusion.

This window series is an upgraded window from the Catalina and should run roughly 20% more in price. The Del Mar is possibly the best vinyl window option on the west coast. Expect to pay quite a bit for this exceptional window. Anlin offers a lifetime warranty on frame, sash, and components and ten years on labor without any screen or breakage provisions.

Compare the Anlin Del Mar price point with Sunrise windows cost.

Price Point – $$$$$$$
(7 Out Of 10)

Anlin Windows Prices

Del Mar Price Quote

Good afternoon, we live in Plano, Texas for a reference. We have a quote for the Del Mar e with the Sunmatrix glass installed. We are needing 4 windows, (2) 48×76, (1) 42×48, and (1) 43×48 single hung windows. They all will be split 50/50 in white. The quote is for $6,353. It could go down should we purchase in the next couple of weeks.

Isn’t that convenient? The glass packages they quoted are the same in price for the Infinit-e. We think they are charging the highest price regardless of the glass package. Can you tell me if this is a fair price?

Doreen – Homeowner – from 2024

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Doreen, it is toward the high end of fair in my opinion. Anything over $1000 a window and my basic stance is this – collect more bids to know if this is a fair price quote or not. I don’t know the project details of your home and there are always some unique pieces to each project that affect the per window price.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2024

Anlin Windows Price List

Hi Bill, is it possible to get a retail price sheet and labor for Delmar Windows and Malibu Sliding Doors? I am trying to decide how much I should be paying to replace the 27 windows and 3 sliding doors in my house. I am interested in Sun Max and extra view and 7 windows with dividers. Thank you Bill, need to know as soon as possible please.

Steve – Homeowner – from 2023

Site Editor’s Reply

Steve, unfortunately there is not an actual price list of their windows and/or doors. The very best way to know is to get a bid from your local dealer. Then, get three more bids so that you can take the lowest back to the Anlin dealer and ask him to match it. That is really the only way to get a price specific to your project and then try and get that price quote as low as they will go!

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Anlin Del Mar Price Quote vs. Amerimax

Here is a quick overview of the quotes I received for eight (8) windows to replace the original windows of my 1951 home. For your information, I live in Phoenix, AZ with scorching hot summers, and I’m specifically looking for windows that are energy efficient.

Two (2) XOX (108×51 & 86X39), Four (4) Single Slider (54×51, 54×51, 71×47, 53×51), One (1) Single Hung 37×51), One (1) Picture Window (70×51)

Del Mar – $17,109.82
Simonton Daylight Max Price – $16,998.93
Amerimax Craftsman Portrait – $12,160
Anlin Catalina – $18,600
Panorama – $16,651Milgard Tuscany Cost– $10,564.01

All the quotes are inclusive of install. I’m leaning toward the Anlin based on the reviews I saw on your website, but I feel the price is steep for 8 windows. Unless what I was quoted is fair? Thank you for your input!

Jessica – Homeowner – from 2023

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Jessica, that’s quite a range of prices. The Anlin seems expensive, but it is the best window in the group and all of those bids are more or less equal to one another. The Amerimax bid doesn’t say the model just the glass package. Nor the Milgard — weird for window companies to give you a bid and not tell you what it is a bid for. However, if you plan to be there for many years, then the Anlin Del Mar might be the call. The bids do seem expensive, although those XOX are expensive units.
Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Anlin Windows Cost | Monte Verde Series

The Monte Verde Series is the entry level window they offer in vinyl. They are available as a slider or single hung only and many believe that that they have a slimmer frame and more features than the Milgard Tuscany.

Price Point – $$$$$
(5 Out Of 10)

Monte Verde Windows Cost

14 Single Hungs
Sizing: Standard
Bid Quote: $7.5K
Included All
Location: Southern California
Year: 2018

Anlin Catalina Series Cost

The Catalina series from Anlin is an improvement on the Monte Verde range, but they are also only available as a single hung or slider window. These windows include double strength glass, super spacer and ventilation latch. There are not many color options available, but this is how Anlin manage to keep their prices affordable.

These windows can be compared to the PlyGem Premium or the Soft Lite Classic series. You can find out more on the PlyGem windows prices page.

Price Point – $$$$$$
(6 Out Of 10)

Catalina Series

14 Single Hung Windows
Sizing: Standard
Quotes: $11K
Included All
Location: Southern California
Project Year: 2018

Anlin Coronado Series

This is the high end window series offered by Anlin which are available as a double slider or double hung. These windows have reinforced meeting rails, dual weather stripping and a pocket sill. They also come with a ventilation latch, super spacer, double strength glass and even sight lines. The frame is a 3.25″ depth with a 0.080 extrusion.

However, many feel that the pocket sill is poorly designed enabling water to seep into the frame and clog the holes. The Coronado range is compared to the Okna 500 Insul tech series and you can find out more on the Okna windows prices page.

Target Price – $650 installed

Anlin Windows Prices | Bayview Series

I’m replacing 23 windows and one patio door in San Diego. I got one quote on the Anlin Bayview series for $11k. I also received a quote from Crystal Pacific Windows for $13k, and another from Window Depot on their Solar Industry Windows for $7K , although this does not include the cost of installation, which I’m still not clear why they wouldn’t include this in the bid.

Steven – Homeowner – from 2021

Quality Replacement Window Companies

Del Mar Series Price Quote

Hi Bill, I bought a home with a stucco exterior this summer in Phoenix, AZ and even with the air conditioning on it felt like I was sitting a convertible when it was 120 degree out. Come to find out the windows the builder put in 20 years ago are cheap aluminum windows that are dual pane, but offer no energy efficiency and the manufacturer went bankrupt due to a class action lawsuit.

Anyway, been doing a lot of window research for the Phoenix climate and the Anlin Del Mar seems to be the right tool for the job. (I love everything about this window.) As I understand it, there are two AAMA approved methods for installing windows: the retrofit and the new construction.

For instance, I’ve seen examples in my neighborhood of the retrofit and I don’t like that you have to compromise window size for cheaper labor because it requires an undersized window be installed inside the existing frame, especially when four out of the nine windows I’m considering replacing are picture windows that are only 16 inches high. (Will they be 14 inches high after the retrofit? Doesn’t seem to make sense.)

What’s your opinion on the retrofit versus the new construction? In addition, what would you expect to pay per window for each method? Also, my project includes 9 windows and 8′ patio door – does $14K seem high. (That would be with the retrofit method.) Are you able tell without actual dimensions? That’s for 4 picture windows, 2 single hung windows, 2 single sliders, 1 end vent slider and a Malibu sliding/fixed door.

Much appreciated, thank you.

Darren – Homeowner – from 2020

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Darren, hi, thanks for the question. So first off, yes that bid seems high. With COVID, the supply issues, and the demands for home renovation, the bids have been crazy lately. An Anlin retrofit window I would put at $600 to $700 max, unless work has to be done to the frame once the old window is removed.

Now, for new construction, I would put it at $1000 a window, again unless some significant work had to be done. I would get the breakdown for the patio door and figure out what the bid is for windows and the door.

For me, the problem with Phoenix is that your choices are limited. Anlin is probably the best brand in that area. Maybe get a quote on the Milgard Tuscany and bring it back to the Anlin dealer and ask him to match it. Amerimax may have a dealer in that area and they make a quality vinyl window.

That’s probably where I would start on this…

As to your question about retrofit and new construction…pros and cons to each. Yes you lose glass with retrofit. New construction on stucco means a six inch surrounds comes off the header and sides for each window. Then the stucco patchwork has to be done and the stucco has to be painted. This last step is the tricky one because matching the stucco color is tough given the color fade over the years.

I almost think with stucco you have to get all new windows and then paint your house 🙁

Bill – Site Editor – from 2020

Anlin Windows Cost

Anlin Windows Cost Question

Hi Brad, I want to replace two windows in my Airbnb. As such, I’ve attached the specs on the quote for Anlin windows (fixed panel in the middle, slider on each side). The total cost is $2,349.98 including sales tax, installation and haul away. Based on your website, it would appear that this should be closer to $400-$700 installed per window (but maybe I’m missing something). Can you advise? Two windows XOX set up…

Kathy – Homeowner – from 2021

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Kathy, not for an XOX of that size. A normal slider XO would be in that $600 to $700 range for Anlin. That price quote is actually about what I would expect. However, you could always get a bid from Milgard on their Trinsic model to see how the bids compare…this would give you a comparison that might give you piece of mind about the Anlin bid.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2021

Horizontal Sliders, 1 Patio Door
Dimensions: 72″W x 48″H (10), 96″W x 60″H (1), 36″W x 36″H (1), 72″H Patio Door.
Anlin Windows Prices: $8,100 total
Included product and install.
Location: Los Angeles, Ca.
Project bids from 2009.

11 DH Vinyls, 2 Picture Windows, 1 French Door
Dimensions: Standard DH, somewhat large picture windows
Cost: $11,800 total
Included cost of installation from local contractor.
Location: N/A
Project installed in 2008.

3 Catalina Windows, 1 Malibu Door (dual paned, low-e, no gas or grids)
Dimensions: 2 Horizontal Sliders (47″W x 59″H), 1 Double Slider (95″W x 48″H), 1 Patio Sliding Door (96″W x 79″H)
Price: $6375
Included prodict and cost of installation
Location: Southern California
Project bids from 2008.

Quality Replacement Window Companies

Catalina Windows Series (with grids)
24 DHs, 1 Slider
Cost: $940 per window
Dimensions: N/A
Price included windows, tax and installation
Location: Southern California
Windows installed in 2008.

Anlin DHs, Pictures And Patio Doors
60″W x 40″H (4), 55″W x 35″H (1), 95″W x 50″H (1), 30″W x 32″H (1), 70″W x 80″H (2 patio door) (All have grids, low-e2 and argon)
Cost: $7600 total
Includes product and installation.
Location: Northern CA
Project bid from 2008.

Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors (Low-E glass, argon gas fills)
Dimensions: 3 Windows – 46″W x 42″H, 70″W x 34″H, 70″W x 34″H, 2 Doors – 71″W x 80″H (2)
Price: $5000
Included product and installation.
Location: San Jose, CA.
Project bids from 2006.

9 DH, 3 Transoms, 2 Small Picture Windows
Dimensions: DH- 46″W x 46″H
Anlin Windows Prices: $8500
Included product and installation.
Location: Sounthern California
Project completed in 2006.

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