Amerimax Window Prices & Costs

Amerimax window prices fall into the middle range when it comes to vinyl windows. You can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $650 for an installed double hung. Overall, Amerimax has good reviews and the company seems to be improving its reputation in the industry. The advantage to Amerimax is that they offer a selection of exterior colored frames, but expect to pay up to forty percent more for these color options.

Masters Grande Series

This is an unusual name for a window – the Masters Grande tends to be plain in design and have ten colors you can choose from. The color frames also come with a ten year warranty, which is a huge bonus. Their performance numbers are a 0.28 for U-Factor, 0.56 for VT and 0.30 for SHGC. For an entry level window, the Masters Grande is considered good (but not necessarily on the cheap side).

» Comparable to the Gorell 5100 Series

Target Price – $450 installed

Craftsman Portrait Series

This series is the upgraded vinyl window with standard double strength glass, triple weather-stripping and a super spacer. The frame is a little on the bulky side and the window has even sightlines. It includes a twenty year warranty on labor and materials and this applies to all of their series that are not painted. As for the performance numbers, these windows have a SHGC of 0.29 and a U-Factor of 0.29.

» Compare to the Okna 500 Insul Tech

Target Price – $500 installed

Aristocrat Casement Series

Their most expensive model is only available as a casement, although it offers good performance ratings with a VT of 0.47, a U-Factor of 0.27 and a SHGC of 0.25.

» Compare to the Sunrise Verde Model

Target Casement Price – $600 installed

Amerimax Window Prices From Past Customers

Craftsman Portrait Double Hungs
Dimensions: 48″W x 48″H
Pricing: $625 each
Included product and cost for installation.
Location: Millbrae, Ca.
Project completed in 2011.

Vinyl Sliders & Patio Doors
Dimensions: 60″W x 40″H (4), 55″W x 35″H (1), 95″W x 50″H (1), 30″W x 32″H (1), 70″W x 80″H (2 patio door) (grids, low-e2, argon fills)
Cost: $6000 ($666 average each)
Included product and installation.
Location: Northern CA
Project bid from 2008.

12 Horizontal Sliders, 1 Patio Door (All Vinyl)
Dimensions: 72″W x 48″H (10), 96″W x 60″H (1), 36″W x 36″H (1), 72″H Patio Door.
Price: $7,250 (low-e3) ($557 average per)
Price: $7,850 (argon fills) ($603 average per)
Included product and install.
Location: Los Angeles, Ca.
Project bids from 2009.

2 Horizontal Sliding Windows, 2 Sliding Glass Doors
Dimensions: Windows 60″W x 70″H, Doors 78″W x 80″H
Costs: $5460 ($1365 average each)
Includes installation costs.
Location: San Diego, CA.
Project completed in 2009.

6 Single Hung Vinyls
Dimensions: 31″W x 54″H (2), 36″W x 47″H, 36″W x 54″H (2), 47″W x 33″H
Pricing: $3500 ($700 average cost each)
Included product and installation.
Location: N/A
Project from 2009.

Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: Standard sized.
Price: $475 per
Location: Los Angeles, Ca.
Included product and install.
Project completed in 2007.

22 Single Hung Vinyl Windows
Cost: $650 each
Included install by local contractor/company.
Location: Millbrae, CA.
Project completed in 2004.