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Bill — Site Editor

Kolbe Window Review

Kolbe Windows And Doors has been around for over 75 years and has made a name for themselves in the industry for their high end wood clad and aluminum clad windows and doors.

The company is out of Wisconsin and cater to a “high end” consumer based — read — their windows and doors are expensive. Kolbe makes very solid wood clad windows that will be quite expensive for most homeowners. Definitely worth a bid if Kolbe has a dealer that services your area.

Bill — Site Editor

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Kolbe Windows vs Marvin

If you want wood windows, you should have a look at Marvin or Kolbe windows. They are both considered top quality windows in the higher range. The Marvin does a line called the Integrity, which won’t break the bank.

Holland – Installer – from 2021

Kolbe vs. Pella

I am torn between Kolbe and Pella windows. The quotes I have show that Kolbe is slightly more expensive than the Pella and all the reviews I have read say I should choose Kolbe. I’ve had Kolbe windows before without any issues, but would still appreciate some advice before I make my final decision.

Guy – Consumer in New Jersey – from 2021

[Contractor Response]
I recommend Kolbe to all my clients. When speaking to other installers, they all agree that Kolbe are the way to go, even though Pella does have a good reputation. Personally I think Kolbe have improved customer services and they are a better quality window.

Tim – Installer – from 2021

[2nd Response]
I have worked with Pella in the past and don’t have much good to say about the brand. While I haven’t had the opportunity to work with Kolbe, I have seen them and they appear to be really good quality. A while ago I was hired to replace some windows and door at a property, they had chosen the Pella Architects and what a nightmare. There was no attention to detail in any way and I wasted so much time trying to correct their mistakes to ensure functionality and ensure I did a good job.

Mark – Installer – from 2021

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Kolbe or Jeld-Wen?

I am in the process of obtaining quotes on some double hung replacement windows in wooden clad. The first one I looked at was the Jeld-Wen Siteline EX, which I believe used extruded aluminum rolled against the wood. The others that I really like are the Kolbe Classic and the Kolbe Ultra. I see they are also extruded aluminum with the Classic being rolled. Now the Kolbe Ultra has come in at a higher price compared to the Jeld-Wen and their Classic series, it’s around $2,000 more. What I was wondering if it’s worth the extra money or should I settle for one of the other options?

Helen – Consumer – from 2019

[Contractor Response]
From experience I would say you should pay the extra money and go with a quality window, which you will get with the Kolbe Ultra. Jeld-Wen are not a name I would recommend to my own customers, so I’m not going to suggest you choose them. Also I am not a fan of the rolled aluminum. Jeld-Wen purchased three window companies a few years ago and their windows have never improved. While they don’t have that many bad reviews, my personal opinion is to stay away from them. Go with the Ultra’s you will not be sorry.

Miller – Installer – from 2019

Kolbe Windows vs Marvin

I am busy replacing some windows and have narrowed down my search to the Kolbe Latitude windows, which are vinyl and the Marvin Integrity All Ultrex windows, which are fiberglass. The Marvin Integrity is more expensive, in fact there is about thirty percent price difference between the two. Price isn’t a huge factor, the most important thing is that I get quality windows that are strong and durable. Any information is appreciated.

Betty – Consumer in Louisiana – from 2017

[Contractor Response]
I always recommend Marvin to my clients. They are a well-known brand with a proven track record when it comes to quality products. The Integrity series is a stunning window and personally I feel they are the most visually appealing window you can get. I believe we are expecting a number of fiberglass windows that are due to be available in the coming months, so it will be interesting to see how they compare to the Marvins.

Wayne – Installer – from 2017

Kolbe Color Options

I am in the process of installing Kolbe windows for a customer who wanted a cream interior finish. I was shocked at the strange creams available in their range. What is disappointing is that Kolbe is such a good window, they are durable and strong, yet their colors are much to be desired. I managed to reduce the price by changing the French door interior to pine and eliminating some of the screens, but we are still stuck with this horrid cream for the balance of the windows.

Jeff – Installer – from 2016

Good Wooden Window Choice

For anyone looking for quality wood clad windows, I would recommend Kolbe and Marvin. The Window World and Semco are some of the worst I have seen when it comes to wooden window options. If you are keen on the Marvins you can always go with the Integrity series if on a budget, as the Ultimates tend to be pricey.

Brandon – Installer – from 2016

Kolbe Sash Kits

I have been doing window installations for years and one of the top requests lately are the Kolbe Sash kits. I must say I have now installed plenty of them and they are good wood windows. We did encounter a few problems along the way including the screens. We found Kolbe would deliver the wrong screens and eventually we outsourced the screens for a slightly higher price, but they were a great option.

Another problem we encountered with the Kolbe sash kits was that they didn’t always fit with the existing stools, but they did work very well which it came to compression jambs. These are in demand because they are an affordable option. If you were to choose Marvin or Pella, you would be paying considerably more. They are definitely a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to pay a fortune and don’t want to do a complete tear out in order to save money.

Mike – Installer – from 2007

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