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Read Lincoln windows reviews from consumers, homeowners and contractors on their products, pricing and how their quality compares to other manufacturers.

The company is headquartered in Merrill, WI and has been in business since the 1950s. They specialize in replacement windows and doors, and tend to be more of a regional manufacturer as opposed to a national one like Renewal By Andersen. (Read all of our Renewal By Andersen reviews here.

Lincoln tends not to score real high with consumers. My explanation is that the company makes wood windows and these can cause all kinds of headaches and issues. There is a reason that so many consumers buying vinyl windows as opposed to wood clad.

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Lincoln Windows Reviews

Lincoln Windows vs Semco

Back in 2003 we had over twenty Semco windows installed. All of them have wood interior with an aluminum cladding outside and I can’t say we have been disappointed. We were so happy that we actually used Semco for our patio door, so that the doors would match our windows. We live in Sacramento and we have such hot summers, but our Semco products have never missed a beat. We had Lincoln windows in a previous home and had the glass replaced without cost, but we found the Semco prices more appealing for this property. They were cheaper than Pella and Andersen and came highly recommended. Unfortunately the installer that did the installation closed his business, but we still haven’t had any problems and are still able to get Semco windows if we need them. Overall a fantastic product.

Bret – Consumer – from 2021

Thumbs Up From Contractor

I’m a contractor and have installed Lincoln windows for over 10 years — mainly the thermopane with wood interiors and metal clad exteriors. I have probably installed over a 1000 of them and honestly have had only minor issues on several windows. As well, I’ve installed many patio doors and entry doors and have only ever had one issue problem, which the company replaced. I’ve been reading these forums and am astounded by all the problems that people are having!

Steve – Window Contractor – from 2021

Lincoln ThermoPane Review

Our whole neighborhood has Lincoln Thermopane windows and we are all having to replace them — I’ve replaced 9 so far and it looks like I may have to replace another in the next month of so. The warranty has expired, which means we have to pick up the entire window replacement cost (it was still hundreds for each window with the warranty). The neighbor next to me has replaced every single window over the past three years. They seals break, the fills leak and the windows themselves get all fogged up. Because the company has only one distributor in our area, we are forced to use them. We tried to look at other brands but they are custom made so that seems to be out. All of us are unhappy with their product and service and don’t recommend using them if you find something else.

Sven – Homeowner – from 2019

Lincoln Windows Complaint

Avoid Lincoln Windows if possible. We built a home back in ’93 and used all Lincoln double hungs with low-e, argon fills and double pane. It was originally recommended to us by the builder and we have had problems from the get go. We’ve replaced nearly half of the sashes because of multiple problems; rotten sashes, faulty interior panes and heavy moisture inside the glass. They covered the cost of replacement for the initial problems but then I had to cover additional costs and then only by threatening to sue.

I’m actually at the point of deciding whether to bite the bullet and replace all of my windows again. I’m now looking at Marvins or Pella but will be taking my time, making the right decision so that I can avoid this huge cost and headache. I know what I won’t be going with!

Neil – Homeowner – from 2017

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Lincoln vs Marvin

We used Lincoln windows in part of our home – for a large fixed picture window and for our french doors. On the rest of our home we used Marvin double hungs and casements, which were more expensive but look so good.

We tend to get lots of condensation on the interior of our windows and doors and I must say that the Lincoln windows get MUCH MORE wet – I’m assuming that means that their insulation is worse but I’m not sure…We are building a Casita now and plan to use Marvin for the top floor and Lincoln fixed frames in the basement.

We had a casement window crack and Marvin immediately replaced it. Also, the rep didn’t file the rebate in time with Marvin but they still honored it, which I thought was a classy move. They seem like a good company.

Johann – Homeowner – from 2007

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