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“Each Renewal By Andersen is a franchise, meaning that the one in your town or city is privately owned and operated. You aren’t able to walk into a Lowes or Home Depot and buy Renewals — these stores only carry the standard Andersen windows. Andersen sets standards and provides training to the franchisee, but you are purchasing Renewals from the franchise owner.”

Renewal By Andersen Review

Renewal By Andersen windows are good quality and they are custom made to order, although this could be said to a lesser extent about many other high end manufacturers. Buyers need to make sure that the installers have many solid reviews to justify the cost. Since each RBA is franchised out (independently owned), you are going to have quite a bit of variation in quality — both with installation and generally how they do business and stand behind their work. Read the major online forums and you will here the same story again and again about how the 90 minute pitch starts with an initial price of $1800 a window or something ridiculous like that. And then they knock it down to $1200 if you sign today (still higher than almost any window out there). It obviously works with a certain portion of customers, otherwise why else would they do it? So…expensive windows…are they worth the price or not – I can’t say.

Dan – Industry Expert – from 2009

Renewal By Andersen Complaint

My husband and I purchased 10 RBA windows for about $1200 each. The first time we opened the casement the weatherstripping came loose. On one of the double hung windows, the bottom part won’t open properly and on one other we can’t lock the bottom part. So $1200 for windows where nearly a third of them are not right or prove tough to use. I’m disappointed to say the least. They billed themselves as the best and certainly are priced out that way, but in the end, they just seem like nice looking, poorly made (or installed, I couldn’t say) windows.

Debra – Homeowner in Massachusetts – from 2009

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Window Series: $900 to $1300 installed

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Satisfied Customer

Last year, we replaced 14 windows in total. We own a single story ranch home and wanted to get double hungs to replace our horizontal sliders. We received bids from many of the top companies; Pella, Andersen, Marvin, Penguin and Renewal By Andersen. The RBA was $5K higher than any of the other bids, which we thought was interesting because these were the top end manufacturers. However, because of egress issues, they were the only ones who could get all the dh’s in. RBA are all custom made where every window is made for each specific opening, so they would make each double hung for a specific opening.

With all the discounts they finally “offered” us (off for 5% cash and $100 off each window) it brought their price to within $3000 of the Pella bid. The installers were great; friendly, prompt, courteous and efficient. They look great and they really have helped with lowering the noises from outside. They weren’t cheap but we felt they were worth the extra money to get exactly what we wanted. We are so excited!

Homeowner in Oregon – from 2009

Unhappy Consumer

I did not enjoy the visit from the Renewal By Andersen salesman — I was somewhat suspicious when my wife and I were told that the presentation would be 90 minutes and that we both needed to be present. We listened to the presentation and were given an initial quote of $15,000 for 12 double hungs. They were very nice but at $1,200 each they were completely out of our price range.

We thanked him and said that we were getting two other estimates and that we would be in touch. This seemed to anger him and he stepped up his salesmanship by dropping $2000 off the price if we signed that day. We politely said no, that we were getting two additional quotes before we made any decision. After that, he packed up his things and left very quickly. He seemed mad, which was ridiculous because we made it perfectly clear that $15,000 was way out of our price range. I’m not very impressed with the Renewals line.

Bill – New Jersey from 2010

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