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Marvin Windows vs Jeld Wen & Pella

If the choice is between Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex (fiberglass) and Jeld-wen Siteline EX (aluminum clad), I’d go with the Marvin. The extruded aluminum is rolled right against the wood (no gap between the materials) – the company claims it is superior to Pella in terms of denting, which it might be but because of how the aluminum is rolled on it doesn’t allow water to escape if it gets in. I like the Ultrex fiberglass option over the aluminum.

Dan – Window Installer – from 2011

Marvin Infinity Windows

I was completely satisfied with our Infinity windows. They are (nearly) as beautiful as our outdated 1930s style wood double hungs. They look great and the workmanship on these fiberglass windows is top-of-the-line. I love the idea that they look almost as good as wood, with the great strength of fiberglass, high energy efficiency and they are almost maintenance free.

I went with the divided light grids for the interior and exterior and was very impressed with the price. The installation went very smoothly (Marvin did the install for us) and there wasn’t any damage or scratches to the interior woodwork (which was my big concern on the replacements).

Jim – Homeowner – from 2010

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Marvin Integrity Air Infiltrations Issues

I have had serious issues with air infiltration along the sash and upper track of my Integrity double hungs – when it’s gusting outside I can feel air coming in – so far I can’t get an answer from the company. It doesn’t seem to be an installation error (windows are plumb, correctly sealed and caulked, shims placed evenly and correctly)

I did some checking and I am not super impressed with the energy efficiency ratings of the Integrity – just sort of middle of the road and I paid a good amount for these windows. The Ultrex casements have a DP50 rating and the Ultrex slider has a DP30 rating. I was told by someone who seems to know alot about windows that I should have gotten a casement instead of the double hung because I live in a high wind area (not that it does me any good now) because they have a better compression seal when closed.

Sandy – Homeowner – from 2010

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Target Marvin Prices

Marvin Integrity Prices: $650 installed

Marvin Infinity Prices: $750 installed

Marvin Ultimate Prices: $900 installed

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Marvin vs Krestmark

There are a range of good vinyl windows you can choose from, all beter than Krestmark windows. Have you looked at Pella, Marvin and Andersen windows? When I moved into my home I had builder grade windows and after getting some quotes I chose Marvin. They are great windows, aesthetically pleasing and durable. They come with an aluminum extruded frame and require minimal maintenance. They are twelve years old now and look as good as the day they were installed. They are definitely worth looking at if you live on the coast.

Randy – Contractor – from 2010

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Marvins For A Big Remodel

I’ve install just about every major window brand over the years — recently installed nearly $100K in Marvin windows for a beautiful custom remodel in Southern California. The windows turned out great – the homeowner wanted all the upgrades, satin nickel harware, high end glazing, tinting, prefinished interior, interior and exterior grilles — Marvin sent 2 of their reps to inspect the install (which I appreciated), they made a report to document any warranty issues. My own take on it is that they get to hand hold big clients and protect themselves from warranty claims by documenting everything, but I could just be cynical. All things being equal, basically if you have the money (which accounts for a small fraction of my customers), I’d recommend going with Marvin. I would also recommend Kolbe & Kolbe.

Jack – Remodeler – from 2008

One Take On Marvin vs. Andersen

My wife and I had Andersen windows but switched to Marvins 3 years ago. Half are wood clad frames, half have cladding on the outside. None of our windows have had any issues thus far. We ended up going with the Marvins because we liked their wood work better (they use solid wood that is better for staining). Also, Marvin was more amenable to the custom work we needed done.

I have no idea about Andersen customer service, but one of our friends had to have a Marvin rep come out over an issue on a big remodel a few years back. They were happy with how the company handled it — came when he said he would and stayed to work out the issues with the contractor and architect. In the end, they got everything looking good and were satisfied.

When I was researching companies, I did look at Pella but was not impressed with their woodwork (at least at the price point). I tried to enjoy the research process (possibly because the outcome was positive) and we got exactly what we wanted.

Callie – Homeowner – from 2007

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