Single Hung Windows Prices & Costs

Single hung windows prices can vary from $115 to $750 for the total cost of windows and installation. Discover window costs and pricing, as well as additional information on single-hungs.

“Single hung windows prices are at the lower end of the price range, just above fixed frame or non-operable windows. With advances in glass and frame material, there are now good quality single hungs that not too much lower in cost than double hungs — as tended to be the case in the past.”

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Single Hung Windows Prices

Entry Level Single Hung Windows Prices: $75 – $150
Entry level single hungs may come from a large retail store such as Home Depot or Lowes or be builder grade. The frame will typically be vinyl or a cheaper fiberglass model. It may be available in a small number of colors and features. The glass will typically not use fills, foam insulation and have a higher UV rating.

Standard Prices: $150 – $350
Standard single hungs may be a lower end window from a top manufacturer or a standard or top end window from a lesser known window manufacturer. The frame may be a higher end vinyl, a cellular PVC or composite frame. The glass often will be double paned, and may or may not have fills or use energy efficient glass features such as low-e.

High End Prices: $350 – $600
High end single hungs will be from a top (or at least expensive) manufacturer – Andersen, Marvin, Pella etc. The frame will be a steel, wood or vinyl clad with a wood interior. The window glass may be a double or triple paned, use low-e glass and have an argon fill with foam insulation.

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Single-Hung Windows Prices

Expect to pay $40 to $250 per window for installation. A simple replacement or insert that fits well in an existing opening should run no more than $40 – $75. New construction installation where the contractor has to alter the opening in order to properly fit the window, do trim work, reinforce the frame or sill, etc. will run you, on average, $150 – $250 per opening. The larger the job (the more windows that need to be replaced), the smaller the “per hole” cost.

Total Single Hung Windows Prices

Total Entry Level Pricing: $115 to $300
This includes the windows and professional installation.

Total Standard Pricing: $300 to $500
This includes the windows and contractor installation.

Total High End Pricing: $500 to $750
This includes the windows and professional installation.

Past Customer Pricing Examples

Harvey Classics
19, Vinyl With Low-e & Argon Filled
Dimensions: Standard size
Price: $290
Included installation installed.
Location: N/A
Purchased in 2008

Jeld Wen Vinyl Frame With Low-e Glass
Dimensions: 32″W x 60″H
Costs: $185 (per window)
DIY installation
Location: N/A
Costs are from 2007

Simonton 5500
2 SH Windows
Dimensions: 36″W x 59″H
Cost: $445 per window
Price included professional installation.
Location: N/A
Windows purchased in 2011.

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