Andersen Windows Reviews 2022

Our Andersen windows reviews present user reviews on Andersen series such as the 100, 200, 400 and A-Series. These are opinions within the community on success or frustrations they have felt dealing with this company and their product lines.

Andersen Windows Recommendation

I have owned Andersens for several years and they have functioned exceptionally well. The salesman did a good job of explaining the process and quality of windows involved – but I thought his approach was heavy handed. Didn’t matter too much though because I was all set to go with them regardless. I’d probably still recommend them to any homeowner who wants the best windows and is willing to pay the money for them.

Cindy – Portland, Or. – from 2009

Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

Andersen Costs & Prices

100 Series: $550 installed

200 Series: $650 installed

400 Series: $800 installed

Architectural Series: $1400 installed

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Andersen Replacement Inserts

I just finished an Andersen pocket/insert job and have to say that they manufacture some of the easiest replacements out there. We are using a PVC clad exterior without any inward tilt. They are certainly easier than the equivalent Pellas. Well priced and easy to replace. My kind of job, no complications, everything looks fantastic and the owners love it.

Mike – Window Installer – from 2010

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Andersen vs Hayfield

After a friend installed Hayfield windows in his home and was thrilled with the result, I went ahead and used the same dealer and windows for my own property. To be fair I didn’t shop around, but rather went with what my friend had told me. I am very pleased with the result, they are such an improvement on our Andersen double hung windows we had in there before. Overall they are a great product, the patio door is smooth to use, a simple slide and the horizontal slider windows give me the ability to clean them from the inside, which is a huge bonus. We went with low-e glass and I must say I have seen an improvement in the internal temperatures, even during the freezing winter we just had. The only problem I encountered was just after installation when I noticed the one window wasn’t what I ordered, though this was quickly rectified by the dealer, so not worth complaining about.

May – Consumer – from 2009

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400 Series Tilt Wash vs Woodwright Model

I’ve been researching the Andersen 400 Series Tilt Wash vs. Woodwright Series. This is what I’ve come up wth as far as how they stack up against one another.

Pros on the Woodwright Series
Premium window cost
Avaiable as either a replacement or insert
Tilt wash feature
Good looking
Clean jambs

Pros on the 400 Series Tilt Wash
Mid range cost
Available as either a built to fit or as a full frame
Difficult tilt feature

Don – Homeowner – from 2008