Awning Window Prices

Awning window prices range from $275 – $850 installed, placing them in the middle of what replacement window prices. Find window pricing as well as the range of window installation costs.

“Awning windows are hinged on the top so that the window can swivel up and out. When opened, they resemble awnings – thus, the origin of their name. They are a very distinctive window that are similar in price to casements and hoppers.”

Awning Window Prices (Windows Only)

Entry Level Awning Window Prices: $200 – $350
Entry level awnings should be very functional, although some can look a touch awkward in how they crank outwards. They will often be made from vinyl or a composite frame. Most will use a standard glass, without the bells and whistles that can help reduce air leakage (especially as the window is 5 or more years).

Mid Range Awning Window Prices: $350 – $450
Standard awning windows will be high end vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum frame. The glass will often be low-e, possibly with argon fills. The hinges and crank should operate smoothly with a mid range material.

High End Awning Window Prices: $450 – $600
High end awning windows are nearly always wood clad (often with an aluminum or fiberglass exterior so they do not have to be painted). The hinges, handles and cranks will be made with quality metals and the glass package will be a high quality low-e glass (either double or triple pane), along with quality fills.

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Awning Window Prices

Installation Prices

Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $250 for normal installation per opening. Pocket or insert installation will run $50 to $125 per opening, standard installs will run $100 to $175 and full frame installation will run $175 to $250 per opening.

Totals Project Cost For Awnings

Entry Level: $250 – $400
Entry level awnings should start at $250 and top out at $400 per window installed.

Mid Range: $400 – $600
Mid range awnings will start at $400 and top out at $600 per window installed.

High End: $600 – $850
High end awnings will start at $600 and top out at $850 per window installed.

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