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Gliding windows prices will fluctuate from $115 to $750 – this is the total price for both windows and installation. Explore general gliding windows cost ranges and find out what actual homeowners paid for gliding windows.

“Gliding windows prices are relatively low, although usually more expensive than non-movable windows. You want to make sure you buy a quality product so that the gliding mechanism and movement of the window you buy is smooth for many years; temperature changes can cause cheap vinyl frames to warp, which can affect how well they glide.”

Gliding Windows Prices (Window Only)

Entry Level Gliding Windows Prices: $75 – $150
Entry level gliders are often available at retail stores like Lowes and Home Depot. The frame is usually a low or mid grade vinyl. It may only be available in a limited range of colors and features. The window glass may use a low in fill, but may have a higher than ideal R and U value.

Standard Gliding Window Price: $150 – $350
Standard gliders will be a mid grade window using a quality vinyl, composite or uPVC window. The glass package might be e-low, double paned with an argon fill.

High End Glider Windows Prices: $350 – $600
High end glider windows will usually come from mid range or high end company or manufacturer. The frame will be wood or fiberglass clad with wood interior. The glass package will either be double or triple pane glass, along with fills, energy efficient glass and perhaps foam insulated.

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Install Gliding Windows Prices

Install Range: $40 to $250

Gliders windows cost will run $40 to $250 for window installation cost. Simple replacements (also called inserts) that can be placed into an existing opening will be at the lower end of the installation cost range. If the contractor has to do framing work, replace rotten trims or sills or make extensive changes to the size of the opening, the cost will then go into the mid and upper ranges.

Total Gliding Windows Pricing

Total For Entry Level Pricing: $115 to $300
This includes glider window and installation.

Total For Standard Pricing: $300 to $500
This includes gliding window and installation.

Total For High End Pricing: $500 to $750
This includes glider window and installation.

Gliding Windows Cost From Homeowners

JELD-WEN Sierra Vinyl Horizontal Gliding Window
Size: 48″W x 48″H
Gliding Windows Prices: $150
Price does not include installation.
Location: Home Depot
Purchase Year: 2011.

6 Horizontal Gliding Windows
Size: 72″W x 48″H
Pricing: $220
Price does not include installation.
Location: Home Depot
Purchase Year: 2011.

Atrium Reliabilt 3500 Series
5 Double hung, 1 Slider, 1 Patio Door
Size: Standard
Pricing: $4400
Includes installation.
Location: New Jersey
Bid from 2010.

Amerimax 2 Gliding Glass Doors, 2 Horizontal Gliding Windows
Size: Windows 60″W x 70″H, Doors 78″W x 80″H
Pricing: $5460
Includes installation costs.
Location: San Diego, CA.
Project completed in 2009.

Atrium Windows
3 Double-Hungs, 2 Sliders, 2 Gliding Doors (6′ and 8′)
Pricing: $9,070
Location: Northern California
Included professional installation.
Project completed in 2009.

Atrium Advantage 200 Series
10 Sliders, 2 Patio Doors (8′ and 10′)
Size: Sliders standard sized
Glider Windows Prices: $9,570
Includes professional installation.
Location: N/A
Bid from 2009.

Atrium – 6 Double hungs, 1 Slider, 1 Picture window
Size: N/A
Costs: $7,500
Includes installation cost.
Location: N/A
Bid from 2008.

Atrium Windows
2 Horizontal Sliders, 3 DHs, 2 Gliding Doors (6′ and 8′)
Size: Varied
Costs: $9,100
Includes professional installation.
Location: Northern California
Bid from 2008.

Atrium Windows
7 Sliders (34″W x 41″H), 3 Sliders (74″W x 46″H) (low-e glass and grilles)
Size: See above.
Cost: $2,200
Cost does not include installation.
Location: N/A
Bid for project in 2008.

Atrium 3 Sliders (46″W x 74″H), 7 Small Horizontal Slide Windows (34″W x 41″H),
Size: See above
Costs: $2,200
Location: N/A
Price did not include installation.
Project completed in 2006.

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