Wallside Window Prices Costs

Wallside window prices run $190 to $400 from the window and installation. This price range refers to a normal sized window with standard installation. There are a number of factors that will affect the per window cost and therefore we always advice consumers to get several bids to get a better understanding of your project requirements and the costs that go along with it.

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Wallside Window Price

Wallside offers a $190 window fully installed that is tough to ignore. This very basic window is not a high quality vinyl window. The sales person then offers the various upgrades and adds ons that will increase the per window cost and make for a more energy efficient window. Common upgrades include warranty, frame fills, spacer, gas fills, low-e glass package, sill reinforcement, exterior frame colors, etc. This ala carte pricing provides the consumer with the option of going with a very bare bones vinyl window all the way up to a mid range vinyl window.

Wallside Information

Wallside assembles their vinyl windows in their Michigan factory and sells their single line of replacement windows. Consumers who purchase from them are required to use Wallside installers – a similar set up to Champion windows. The company uses a somewhat aggressive approach (at least this is what we hear from many past customers) in how they market and sell their vinyl windows.

Wallside’s Reputation

Similar to many window companies out there, Wallside has mixed reviews depending on who you ask. There are some contractors who dislike the ala carte pricing and feel that’s it is deceptive. Wallside has made some big strides in the past 6 to 7 years and is now a strong regional player in the low to mid end vinyl window market. If consumers do plan to spend more than $325 per window, they should make sure to get bids on several different brands and models to insure that they find the best quality window for their home.