Marvin Windows Prices & Costs 2022

Marvin is one of the better known window companies, but Marvin windows prices aren’t the cheapest. They offer superior customer service and good quality windows offering you confidence in knowing you are buying a quality window whether for a new build or replacement.

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Marvin Integrity Fiberglass Series

The Marvin Integrity is considered the lower end fiberglass window which is available as a fiberglass exterior with wooden interior or a complete fiberglass (Ultrex) frame. There aren’t many options available when choosing these windows when it comes to the hardware, sizes and colors available. They are nice looking windows, but many people feel the Infinity series is a better choice. The Integrity windows have a Cardinal glass package which offers a twenty year glass warranty while the frame enjoys a lifetime warranty with ten years defects warranty. These are a reasonable choice for homeowners looking for a wooden interior frame with fiberglass exterior.

Target Price – $650 installed

Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Series

The Marvin Infinity windows have two options available, you can choose the complete Ultrex frame or you can go with the Everwood interior which is a wood veneer with an Ultrex exterior. Both offer easy maintenance and are replacement windows. While more expensive that the Integrity windows offered by Marvin, these windows offer a thicker frame and more options including a lifetime warranty with a twenty year glass warranty. Looking at the performance numbers, they are good with a 0.30 U-Factor. The Marvin Infinity range is considered one of the top of the range window choices.

Target Price – $750 installed

Marvin Ultimate Wood Clad Series

The Marvin Ultimate is a higher end custom wooden window which is seen as one of the best wooden options available on the market. They are nice looking windows offering homeowners the ability to choose their preferred wood from Pine, Mahogany, White Oak, Cherry and Douglas fir. With the ability to upgrade and customize the windows, the price can increase dramatically, in some cases you can expect to pay in excess of $1,000 for each window.

Target Price – $900 installed

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Marvin Window Prices From Past Customers

Integrity Series Ultrex
2 Double Hungs
Dimensions: 28″W X 48″H
Pricing: $1,150 ($575 each)
Included product and installation.
Location: Near the coast (east)
Project bid from 2011.

Integrity Series
40 Double Hung Ultrex Wood (prefinished white interior with fiberglass exterior, new construction)
Dimensions: 24″W x 48″H
Cost: $350 each
Included product and installation.
Location: North Carolina
Purchased in 2010.

Integrity Series
30 New Construction
Prices: $335 per window.
Included product and installation.
Location: N/A
Bid price is from 2004.

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Marvin Windows Prices

Range: $650 to $900 installed

Marvin windows prices are definitely at the high end of the scale. Consumers can expect to pay b/n $650 and $900 per double hung installed. This price includes both professional window installation and the window itself.

Infinity Marvin Windows Prices

Infinity (divided light grids)
Dimensions: N/A
Marvin Windows Prices: $710 each
Included product, extensive prep work and installation.
Location: Maryland
Project completed in 2010.

Infinity Fiberglass
21 Replacements
Dimensions: 36″W x 60″H
Prices: $350 per
Did not include installation.
Location: Austin, TX.
Bid price from 2010.

Infinity Series
18 Double Hungs
Dimensions: Various sizes
Cost: $650 each
Included product, tax and install.
Location: New England
Purchased in 2009.

Fiberglass Infinity Ultrex
Double Casements
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing: $600 each
Included professional installation from the company itself.
Location: Phoenix, AZ.
Project completed in 2009.

Infinity Series
12 Casements
Dimensions: 24″W X 48″H
Pricing: $545 each
Installation by the window company.
Location: N/A
Purchased in 2008.

Infinity Fiberglass Series
10 Double Hungs
Dimensions: N/A
Costs: $750 each
Included local contractor installation.
Location: N/A
Purchased in 2007.

Ultimate Marvin Window Prices

Ultimate Series
11 Aluminum Clad Exteriors
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $910 average each
Location: North Chicago
Included local contractor installation.
Project price from 2011.

Ultimate Series
3 Casements Clad Exterior, Wood Primed Interior
Dimensions: 109″W X 56″W (all 3 mulled together)
Cost: $700 each
Did not include installation.
Location: Bay Area, Ca.
Price is from 2011.

Ultimate Series
18 Double Hungs
Dimensions: 36″W X 36″H
Marvin Windows Prices: $931 each
Included professional installation.
Location: Northern California
Price is from 2011.

Ultimate Series
16 Double Hungs, 2 Casements, 1 Picture, 1 Awning (low-e, argon fills, wood clad)
Dimensions: Varied
Cost: Averaged $460 each
Did not include installation portion.
Location Austin, Tx.
Purchased in 2010.

Ultimate Series
Double-Hungs Aluminum Clad New Construction
Dimensions: 36″W x 48″H
Pricing: $430 each
Professional installation quoted at $300 per opening (included warranty and some prep work).
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Project completed in 2009.

Ultimate Series
Wood DH, Aluminum Clad Exterior
Dimensions: 36″W x 48″ H
Pricing: $730 each ($430 for window, $300 for installation)
Location: CA.
Included product and installation on new construction.
Project is from 2005.

Pricing On Bay & Bow

Replacement Bay Window (45 Degree)
Dimensions: 76″W x 49″H
Pricing: $3750
Included product and installation from local contractor.
Project installed in 2008.
Location: N/A