Best Kentucky Replacement Windows

Explore our recommendations for the best Kentucky replacement windows from top manufacturers and local companies. Kentucky generally has a mild climate compared with the harsh winters in the North East and the very hot summers in the South East. They are some nice options out there, although consumers may have to do some searching for quality vinyl window manufacturers in the state.


Okna Windows is one of the least known manufacturers to consumers, but has one of the best reputations in the country for producing quality vinyl windows. They will be comparable in price to the Soft-Lites and much more expensive than the Window World models. However, they are much better products than the comparable WW options, which is actually an Alside window. Okna has 3 basic vinyl models, the 400, 500 and 800 – the 500 and Okna 800 windows are considered some of the top models available.

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Soft-Lite should be available throughout many areas in Kentucky. This is good news for consumers because they make one of best vinyl windows around and always get very good reviews from contractors and homeowners alike. Their Elements model and the Imperial LS and Pro models are top contenders, while the Barrington and Bainbridge are decent options.

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Window World

Window World sells affordable or discounted vinyl windows with quick installation. There are lots of poor Window World reviews out there, but many good ones as well – and here is why. Window World is a franchise so the installation and service is dependent on the individual franchise. What seems to be most important for the consumer is to make sure that the installer who will be doing the work has a good reputation and reviews to back that up.

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Marvin sells 3 basic window models, including the Marvin Integrity window and the Infinity, which are both full fiberglass Ultex windows (although the Integrity does have a real wood interior option). The Infinity window is a nicer option, but will also run 10% to 20% more for the comparable window. The Marvin Ultimate is the wood clad window that is pricey, but also one of the nicest looking wood windows on the market.

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Hurd is a smaller manufacturer from Wisconsin that should be available in Kentucky. They sell a number of different window models, mostly wood and wood clad. The company is now owned by Sierra Pacific and has gone through some issues in the past. They do make attractive wood window that are not cheap. Make sure you find a contractor or company that has worked with Hurd Windows And Doors for a while to insure that they feel comfortable recommending the right series and options for your home.

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