Replacement Window Installation Costs & Prices

On average, replacement window installation cost accounts for 25% – 35% of the total home home widow prices. There are three install types; replacement window installation (inserts), new construction and do-it-yourself window installation.

“When a homeowner buys a single-hung Harvey vinyl window (a decent but economical choice) they will often hire a local handyman to install it and pay a reasonable hourly rate. On the other hand, someone who purchases high end Pella windows will often hire a Pella authorized installer (who is licensed, insured, bonded and offers an installation warranty) — and charges a high end installation price.”

Replacement Window Installation Cost

When it comes to professional installation, there are three basic levels.

On average, expect to pay $100 for each of the windows.

Mid Range
On average, expect to pay$175 for each of the windows.

High End:
On average, expect to pay$250 for each of the windows.

Do-It-You Window Installation Cost

On average, expect to pay $25 for each window. This cost is typically split between materials and tools.

New Construction (Complete Tear Out)

These are general replacement window installation cost for several popular states.

$400 – $600 per hole

$200 – $500 per hole

$300 – $500 per hole