Semco Windows Reviews

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Top Window Choice

Back in 2003 we had over twenty Semco windows installed. All of them have wood interior with an aluminum cladding outside and I can’t say we have been disappointed. We were so happy that we actually used Semco for our patio door, so that the doors would match our windows. We live in Sacramento and we have such hot summers, but our Semco products have never missed a beat. We had Lincoln windows in a previous home and had the glass replaced without cost, but we found the Semco prices more appealing for this property. They were cheaper than Pella and Andersen and came highly recommended. Unfortunately the installer that did the installation closed his business, but we still haven’t had any problems and are still able to get Semco windows if we need them. Overall a fantastic product.

Bret – Consumer – from 2012

Semco Quality

The builder at our new build is recommending we use Semco windows. According to the builder they have been using Semco windows only on all their builds for the past few years, the problem is I went online and found a number of complaints regarding this brand, but the reviews were about ten years old. I am desperately trying to find any current reviews and information. I don’t want to spend good money on a poor performing product. If these are no good the only way I can upgrade is to pay extra as the paperwork is already all signed and sealed with the builder. I could really do with some advice. Thank you.

Maxx – Consumer – from 2012

[Contractor’s Response]

Basically you can’t go wrong with Semco, they are not a bad product and they have improved in quality over the past few years. For the past fifteen years, Semco products have become very common, but if you want wood, you should have a look at Marvin or Kolbe windows. They are both considered top quality windows in the higher range. The Marvin does a line called the Integrity, which won’t break the bank.

Holland – Installer – from 2012

[Contractor’s Response]

Personally I would recommend you go with the Marvin windows. Having been in the window industry for over twenty years, I have never had any dealings with Semco. None of my clients have ever requested them, but the Marvin windows have been great every time.

Allen – Installer – from 2010

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Not Recommended

I am the proud owner of Loewen Windows and when choosing my windows it was a tossup between Loewen and Marvin. If you’re building a new home then you want to start with quality windows, it will save you money in the long run and reduce the need to replace the windows in the near future. One of the contractors I was working with at the time suggested Semco and Hurd and I wouldn’t even consider them. I have made the mistake in the past in purchasing windows to stay within a low budget and ended up with endless problems. Even with a low budget, you can shop around and often find a better quality window which will reduce the risk of problems in the future.

Jansen – Consumer – from 2009

Semco Aluminum Clad Windows

Many people don’t realize there is a difference between aluminum clad windows and aluminum windows. I recommend the aluminum clad which are considered much better than vinyl, which is the popular choice today. Semco make a good aluminum clad window, which can handle temperature changes with ease and without sweating.

Kelsey – Consumer – from 2010