Wallside Windows Reviews 2022

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Wallside Windows Thumbs Up

A few months ago I had some Wallside windows and door fitted in my home and am absolutely thrilled with my choice. Before I made my decision I met with a great salesman from Wallside and he explained the different models to me, along with their payment plans. I went ahead with the three year plan and signed right there and then. The salesman was so helpful going through all the different colors I could have, though he did advise that they make the windows to order, so I would have to wait about four weeks.

Well four weeks later the phone rang to arrange installation. What great service. I was a little shocked when the installer arrived all on his own and later than anticipated. Though he explained that the installer working with him for the day was ill, so he had come to do the job as they had promised. He managed all the work on by himself when it came to the windows, a separate installer arrived to do the door and by 4pm they had finished, packed and cleaned up behind themselves. I couldn’t have asked for a better service, what a fantastic company. More on window installation cost.

Sharon – Consumer – from 2013

Issue with Lifespan

I must say I wasn’t impressed with the lifespan of my Wallside Windows. On reading the reviews I see that most of them only last up to fifteen years with their premium windows lasting around twenty five years. Most of my windows have seal problems, though they are about thirty years old. I had to replace the glass after nine years and now they need repair. I think that the cost should be covered and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Errin – Consumer – from 2013

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Wallside Cost & Pricing

Entry Level: $300 to $350 installed

Mid Range: $350 to $400 installed

High End: $400 to $450 installed

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Good Customer Experience

I had an excellent experience with Wallside and wouldn’t hesitate recommending their windows to friends and family. In order to get the tax rebate, we had to install our windows by early December. We only realized this late, but Wallside sent a salesman out to meet with us and promised to have them installed in time to ensure we got the rebate we wanted. The salesman was very professional and even though we sat through his sales pitch, it was delivery times that made us sign on the dotted line. We had no problems with installation, they were installed on the date we had agreed on and five installers arrived on site early in the morning. They were gone by lunch and finished the work to the highest standard.

Simon – Consumer – from 2011

Wallside Window Advice

I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on Wallside Windows. I believe they are based in Michigan and they do the installation and servicing themselves. Their performance numbers are very average, though I believe they do use an Intercept spacer and Guardian Climagard glass. Their price is very appealing, but I don’t know whether they are considered a good window.

Brian – Consumer – from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Wallside do offer very competitive prices, but it’s one of those “you are getting what you paid for” situations. They do have their faults, for example their spiral balance system isn’t a good option. If you intend living in your property for some time, it’s worthwhile finding out about other window options. If you’re going with their $189 window, which includes installation be sure to double check their warranty closely, as you’ll probably be needing it within ten years.

Cheryl – Industry Insider – from 2010

Poor Quality

A friend and I are in a similar boat when it comes to the windows we had installed. We both went with affordable windows to meet our budgets. He had seven installed and within eighteen months he’s struggling with condensation. I only replaced one window, thankfully, but already have problems only few months down the line. Both were ordered by the same local.com. Not very impressed at all.

Doug – Consumer – from 2010