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Loewen is one of the higher end manufacturers of windows that operates out of Manitoba Canada. Within the United States, the company uses distributors, dealers and a handful of showrooms to sell their windows and service any issues that may arise from homeowners.

“In addition to glazing, noise reduction, cladding and color options, the company also offers a wide selection of other accessories for their windows as well, to further customize the look of your windows. Choose from an array of hardware, locks, handles and more that run the gamut from classic and traditional to sleek and ultra-modern.”

Basics Of Loewen Windows

Loewen is considered a top window manufacturer that produces attractive wood windows and specialty series. Many contractors feel their windows are well made, are cost competitive for their quality and are very nice looking with the interior wood options, exterior cladding and the hardware they use. Some complain that the windows are difficult to find in certain parts of the United States and often have a higher than average lead time (up to 4-6 weeks).

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Loewen Window Prices

Generally, Loewen windows cost less than the most expensive manufacturers such as Andersen and Pella. They are fairly comparable to Marvin windows and often are compared to them due to their cost and window materials and features. Consumers can expect to pay $700 to $1000 per double hung window – this is for a standard sized window and includes some form of professional installation. Of course, smaller specialty windows will be less money per window and larger, more complex set ups such as Bays and Bows will be considerably more expensive. Click for additional information on what Loewen windows cost from past customers and homeowners.

Loewen Window Series

When it comes to choosing new wood windows or wood clad frames, Loewen offers a wide variety of styles, including double hung, sliding, casement and awning windows. They also offer bow and bays, picture windows, transoms and even access windows. Among their various window styles, you can choose from different performance options, including various types of glass and glazing. They also offer variations in hardware to customize your window selection even more. And if all of those options are not enough, Loewen will even design and build custom windows to suit your needs.

Loewen Wood Windows

One of the key components that sets Loewen apart from many other window manufacturers of wood windows and doors is the type of wood used in the construction of their products. Loewen uses Douglas Fir, which is a tightly grained wood that offers supreme durability along with an upscale and elegant look. The wood is treated with a special sealant that enhances its resistance to weather, moisture and insects, making it less likely to rot or decay. Some products are also offered in Mahogany, a beautiful and luxurious wood choice.

Superior Window Glazing
Loewen manufactures all of their windows with a thicker glass than most other manufacturers. This results in a product that are more energy efficient, more resistant to temperature and noise, and stronger. In addition to their thicker window glass, they offer a number of different glazing options to choose from to make their windows even more energy efficient. The good news is that with so many options, homeowners can select the level of energy efficiency that best meets their needs while remaining within their budget. Here are a few options to consider:

Heat-Smart® Plus 1 – double glazed window, ½” air space between panes filled with argon gas, single layer of low-e coating.

Heat-Smart® Plus 2 – triple glazed window, 1/2″ air space between panes filled with argon gas, single layer of low-e coating.

Heat-Smart® Plus 3 – triple glazed window, two ½” air spaces between panes filled with argon gas, two layers of low-e coating.

All of these Heat-Smart® Plus Windows offer a different level of thermal protection, and which one you choose may depend on where you live, as well as how much you are willing to spend in the name of energy efficiency. Nevertheless, all three options resist damaging UV rays from the sun, thereby protecting your carpets, furnishings and draperies from fading.

Aluminum Clad Windows
If you prefer the low maintenance and durability of a clad window rather than an all-wood window, then the aluminum-clad windows offered by Loewen are something worth considering. These windows are manufactured with extruded aluminum that sits over the wood. This offers the beauty of wood on the interior of the window with a maintenance-free and durable exterior. There is even an air space between the wood and aluminum which provides an added level of insulation. The benefits of extruded aluminum compared to other clad windows that use roll-formed aluminum are that it better retains its shape and is more resistant to denting. In short, the extruded aluminum simply holds up better. These windows are a great choice for those that live in harsh climates or prefer the low maintenance requirements of aluminum cladding.

Aluminum Cladding Color Options
All aluminum-clad Loewen windows come in a wide variety of color selections. There are 9 standard and 27 additional colors to choose from. The coating includes a high quality Kynar-based paint, as well as ceramic pigmentation which is oven baked onto the aluminum. The durable color coating is resistant to fading and corrosion, even in extreme weather or temperatures or when subjected to direct sunlight.

Loewen Cyprium Collection
If you are interested a more unique look that exudes beauty, then you may want to consider Loewen’s Cyprium Collection. These offer hand-crafted copper and bronze clad sashes and frames. The looks are extraordinary, and so is the strength and durability. The collection is offered in select window styles, including casement, awning, and picture windows, as well as specialty windows. They are also offered with a choice of custom patinas, including an unpatinated copper or bronze, brown (umbra) or green (verdigris) patinas. These patinas are what give these windows their unparalleled looks and design.

Soundproof Windows
For those looking to block out sound, as well as the elements of the weather, the Tranquility® sound reduction system is a must-have. This window is constructed using a thick pane of glass on the exterior, as well as a laminated glass on the interior, and air or gas filled space between the two panes to reduce sound as well as to provide energy efficiency. It is about as energy efficient as the Heat Smart® Plus 1 window system, but provides enough noise protection to be used in a city or even near an airport. These are similar to thermal replacements.

Loewen Warranty

Warranty issues should be taken to the distributor or dealer where the windows were originally purchased.

Insulated Glass: 20 years

Hardware & Locks: 10 years

Metal Clad Coating: 10 years

Replacement Parts And Labor: 90 days

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