Stanek Window Prices Costs

Explore Stanek window prices that will run anywhere from $375 to $750 fully installed. Stanek is based out of Cleveland Ohio and tends to sell most of their products in that region (as opposed to a company like Simonton that sells throughout the United States).

Stanek purchases all of their window parts and the assembles them in their factory – this is pretty typical of many smaller window companies that don’t truly manufacture windows themselves. The company does have a solid reputation for both their vinyl and hurricane windows. Read our Stanek windows reviews to explore contractor and consumer opinions on the quality of their products and services.

“The company uses a block & tackle for the balance system on their vinyl window, which is a good feature. The downside would be the pocket sill, which contractors point to as a poor design feature. Overall, though, they make a good mid range vinyl replacement window.”

Stanek Vinyl Windows

Stanek produces a pretty good vinyl window, although they are rarely in the conversation in terms of best vinyl windows on the market. The company uses a block & tackle for the balance system, which is a good feature. The downside would be the pocket sill, which contractors point to as a poor design feature because water and debris drain through the frame and can get clogged and cause potential long term problems. Overall, though, their vinyl replacement option is a nice solid mid range window. The company offers a pretty industry standard warranty, however it does not have a glass breakage provision and is non transferrable.

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— Price Range: $375 to $450 fully installed —

Stanek Woodgrain Window

Stanek also offers a wood veneer variation to their vinyl window, however it isn’t available on the UltraExtreme model. The company labels the window on their site as an actual wood window, which can be confusing for some consumers. It is instead a wood veneer that looks like a real wood grain, but does not require the same maintenance and upkeep. It looks to be a good veneer (from what we could tell), similar to the veneer on the Marvin Infinity fiberglass window. Stanek offers the window in four wood veneers, including a cherry, light oak, walnut or medium oak.

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— Price Range: $500 to $575 fully installed —

UltraExtreme Impact Window

Stanek also makes an impact window that they boldly name the UltraExtreme. The window is impressive, with a DP70 rating and .21 U-factor. The window uses a laminated glass, along with good corner welds and a nice exterior screen. The company has a good video clip on their site showing the strength of the UltraExtreme and its ability to stand up to pretty severe impacts to the surface of the window. Like Renewal By Andersen, Stanek does their own installations so consumers will get factory trained installers, but they will also pay more for the included service –

— Price Range: $600 to $750 fully installed —

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