Schuco Windows Prices

Looking for Schuco windows prices? We scoured the web for actual Schuco windows prices and cost info. One note: some of the pricing are several years old and obviously you need to take this into account when you price out windows. Expect an increase of 3% per year for replacement windows. Find Schuco windows reviews.

“The lesson to be learned from Schuco selling retail and then switching to selling through window dealers or companies is to make sure your replacement windows are installed by competent contractors or authorized installers.”

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Schuco Windows Prices

Schuco windows prices can vary greatly depending on the amount of prep work for the job, the size of the windows, how many windows are being installed etc. Click for additional Factors That Affect Prices.

Schuco Windows Prices Paid By Customers

Schuco 2000 Windows

2000 Series
10 Double Hungs, 4 Casements, 2 Fixed Frame Windows, 1 Picture Window
Schuco Windows Prices: $9,000
Included installation and aluminum wrapping
Location: N/A
Project bid year: 2008.

2000 Series
11 DHs (Triple Pane, Grids)
Dimensions: 34″W x 47″H
Schuco Windows Prices: $675 average cost per
Included contractor installation.
Location: Florida
Project complete in 2008.

2000 Series
3 Triplet Casements, 9 DHs (double panes except for 3 triple pane)
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing included the cost of installation.
Location: Peabody, Massachusetts
Bid from 2007.

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Standard Sized Double-Hungs
Cost: $650/window
Dimensions: N/A
Price included professional installation
Location: San Leandro, Ca.
Project from 2007.

Schuco 4000 Window Series

Corona 4000 Line
11 In-line Wood Sliders With Exterior Vinyl Clad
Dimensions: 54″W x 46″H (6), (4) 34″W x 36″H, 58″W x 34″H (1)
Pricing: $8950
Included installation from a local window company.
Location: Hartford CT
Price quote received in 2008.

Corona 4000 Series
Vinyl DH Wood With Storms  (double paned, low-E, argon, and grids)
Dimensions 34″W x 53″H (2), 35″W x 77″H (2)
Pricing: $4000
Included installation.
Location: N/A
Project bid from 2008.

Corona 4000 Line
16 double hungs, all triple pane with U-factor of .22
Pricing: $575.00
Location: Ohio
Included professional installation.
Project from 2008.

4000 Series
Double Hungs (triple glazed, argon fills)
Dimensions: 48″ X 28″
Costs: $650 each window
Location: Austin, TX
Pricing from 2008.

Corona Series (argon filled, triple pane glass, lifetime warranty)
Dimensions: N/A
Schuco windows Prices: $1100 each
Location: N/A
Licensed contractor installed
Project from 2007.

Corona 4000
Cost: $436 each
22 Double Hungs, 3 Small Casements
Dimensions 62″ X 32″ for DHs
Purchased from local window company, installation done by one of their installers
Pricing is from 2007.

Corona 4000
1 patio slider and 11 double-hungs and 1 patio slider, all argon gas fills and double-paned
Price: $583 per window
Price does not include installation
Location: Michigan
Bid from 2006.

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